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As Transport Secretary, Schools Minister and Head of the No.10 Policy Unit, Andrew has been an architect of public service reforms from academies to policing. He also prepared the plan for HS2, before leading a review of regional growth strategies. As Chair of the new commission, he is now assessing the UK’s future infrastructure needs. In presentations Andrew looks at change management and policy implementation in complex organisations – and difficult conditions.

David holds non-Executive board positions in bus and airport operators. He also advises national and local government on roads and rail, and lectures on transport policy. David accepts that HS2 and airport expansion are huge challenges, and adds Highways Agency reform: “The way in which we run our roads is like the last remnant of a Stalinist state. We ration demand by queuing, just as the former Soviet Union used to ration bread.”

Michael controlled public spending as Chief Treasury Secretary, then led both Employment and Defence. He’s now an accomplished broadcaster. As well as cosying up to the opposition on the late night TV sofa, Michael has travelled America’s railroads. The ex-Conservative Cabinet Minister also weighs in on the debate in radio’s Moral Maze. After dinner Michael confesses that he often has problems with today’s politicians.

Mike served as Premier of South Australia for almost a decade followed by terms as Australian High Commissioner to the UK and Ambassador to Italy. As Premier Mike is credited with turning South Australia into an international leader in renewable energy. His background in politics and diplomacy provides him with a real insight into the opportunities for Britain presented by the ‘Asian Century’ as well as the prospects for UK Brexit negotiations. He also looks at the future of ‘smart cities’ who embrace transformational infrastructure, and the advantages of innovative social inclusion policies in tacking entrenched disadvantage.

The tough-talking former minister has held more cabinet posts than anyone else in recent history. His media-savvy eloquence and calmness under pressure earned him the Fleet Street soubriquet of ‘Alastair Campbell's first media weapon of choice’. John speaks of life in New Labour’s mission control.

James’ expertise spans IT, energy, manufacturing, leisure and retailing. He has a proven track record of seeing trends before his peers and delivering counter-intuitive but highly pragmatic proposals on how business should react. The former head of worldwide market intelligence at Philips consumer electronics questions our assumptions on everything from robots to plastics, and from obsessions with food to the snags surrounding cashless society.

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