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Ankersen describes himself as a ‘high performance anthropologist.’ For his book The Gold Mine Effect, he explored Brazil’s ability to mass produce football superstars, and why so many champion runners hail from one Ethiopian village. The Co-Director of Football at Brentford FC has also written Hunger In Paradise, a look at how to sustain success, ward off complacency and develop new ideas before they become necessary. In speeches Rasmus looks at how to grow talent and create your own disruption.

The former manager of the Great Britain Rugby League Team and Chief Executive of Bradford Bulls initiated the Community and Education Programme, enabling professional sports organisations to interact more closely with their local communities. Abi has a natural ability to inspire any and all levels of audience.

Adrian’s expertise is in peak performance coaching – equipping front line, middle and senior managers to steer their people through changes and uncertainty. He mixes a clear analysis with film clips and common sense to demonstrate what makes us perform at our best. Adrian argues that change need not take time. It can be implemented instantly when you realise it’s not change that we hate, but fear. He shows how to break through barriers, both real and self-made.

Having run a range of digital and internet businesses in the US, Margaret has turned to analysing where leadership in organisations so often goes wrong. Ignoring potential problems, failing to encourage or develop talent, building a culture of isolation and internal competition; all are commonplace issues that could easily be addressed. As in her bestseller Wilful Blindness and her acclaimed TED speeches, Margaret simply and effectively considers what makes a great leader.

Jamil is an internationally acclaimed performance coach who specialises in maximising the talent of individuals and teams. He’s helped sportspeople like David Coulthard and Darren Clarke enhance their performance and has helped six sportspeople to reach number one rankings in their fields. Believing that in order to do differently we must first think differently, Jamil considers how to create mindsets and attitudes that truly drive performance in business and sport, and how to challenge beliefs and shift perceptions.

The columnist and former BBC Social Affairs Editor remains a strident commentator. After living on the minimum wage in a deprived estate, Polly published Hard Work: Life In Low-Pay Britain. She believes the Chancellor’s latest cuts mean disproportionate pain for the bottom 30%. Accusing both Gordon Brown and George Osborne of ‘market idolatory,’ she calls for a new type of engagement from team Miliband: “More zest, originality and indignation.”

70% of the leading companies in Europe have no women on their Executive Committee. Many have created networks, mentors and female leadership training; but Avivah argues they all miss the point by assuming women lack the necessary skills. Instead the author of How Women Mean Business believes they should ask “What’s wrong with the company if we can’t attract, retain and promote the majority of the educated talent pool – and benefit from their perspective?”

Aside from sitting on boards in London and Paris, chairing a Moscow IT company and writing on the Middle East, Marvin teaches international political economy - at a time when business most needs to read the signals and understand potential sources of instability around the world. In 2011 he expects Greece and Portugal to default, whilst Spain will not prove ‘to big to bail.’ Mrs Merkel will still call the shots, whilst Sarkozy busies himself with the G20.

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