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A career ad man, Kevin Allen was notable for leading the pitch on the famous Mastercard ‘Priceless’ campaign. His account skills have been applied as Director of Global Accounts and Chief Growth Officer for some of the world’s biggest ad agencies. He now looks at how companies can grow, where the opportunities lie, and how great leadership inspires the greatest asset - the workforce.

After spells at BA and Thomas Cook, Tony was the third employee to join easyJet. He was central in steering it from ambitious start-up to the biggest single airline in Europe. It now flies twice as many passengers as BA. Tony still works with Stelios on projects like peer-to-peer car rental. In speeches he tells the inside story, including brand extensions that didn’t quite go to plan: “It certainly helps to be in the right place at the right time, but anything is possible providing you avoid complacency.”

James is credited with creating the ‘lads’ magazine sector, which has since become a worldwide phenomenon. After LOADED he then published Jack, Viz and Bizarre. With a management style akin to Gordon Ramsay, he talks passionately about how to spot talent and build teams around the brand.

The business author, Sunday Times cartoonist and brand consultant believes fresh thinking is the only way to sustain competitive advantage. He is also a champion of simplicity as the perfect antidote to an increasingly complex world. With a wonderfully dry wit Guy shows how to find solutions to virtually any problem, throw off conventional thinking and avoid meaningless clichés by breaking every challenge into small parts and seeing through others’ eyes. After dinner the bestselling business writer lives up to his billing as the David Attenborough of the corporate jungle.

Robert played a major role in the evolution of one of the world’s leading brands. (He’s also the man who employed Jonathan Ive.) More recently he’s been responsible for designing ‘beats by dr. dre.’ Robert asks whether your customers would shed any tears if you were gone tomorrow. If not, what needs to change? Passionate about the ideas that make people want to interact with certain objects, he explores how innovation can solve the world’s problems – not always from the obvious angles.

Brimful of passion for engineering, Will is helping to revive UK manufacturing prowess. Brompton design, produce and distribute 50,000+ folding bicycles each year from their London factory – with half the 1200 parts made onsite. Exports account for 80% of sales. With cycle hire stations, Brompton Junction stores and retailers in 44 world markets, they continue to explore new markets and innovations from the addition of electric motors to the connected bike. Riding onto the stage, Will explains his belief in ‘built-out’ obsolescence.

Alastair ran Labour’s communications for ten years, in and out of government. He now advises on both political and organisational strategy. He’s written a slew of books including Winners, drawing inspiration from high achievers in sport, business and politics. In presentations Alastair explains what to do when you come under pressure: “Challenge your basic assumptions, put yourselves in your opponent’s shoes, devise a tight plan from the centre... and then pursue it with aggression.”

Brand expert Rita was President of the Market Research Society, Vice Chairman and Strategy Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, and CEO and Chair of Interbrand, the company behind the Best Global Brands list. She defines a brand as an organising idea, setting you apart from competition: “It’s about building values and ethics, communicating and living up to them – especially in the digital space where mistakes are never laid to rest. Without trust, you can’t have a brand.” Rita talks about reputation, internal brand management and digital branding.

Justin is the the Deputy CEO of ARRIVAL, a technology company pioneering electric vehicles and components, AI and robotics. Previously his varied career has seen him run PR at Stella McCartney and Burberry, then become CMO at Topshop before setting up an online music platform. He’s been described as the British Zuckerberg and has advised Chelsea FC, the Natural History Museum, and Roborace, the world’s first driverless electric vehicle racing series.

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