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JLA was founded in 1990 and is now the biggest specialist agency in the country – described by the Financial Times as “The UK’s leading speaker bureau.” We provide conference, motivational and after dinner speakers, presenters, awards hosts and performers for over 2000 corporate and public sector events each year, across Britain and continental Europe.

After dinner speakers are often the highlight of an event, when PowerPoint gives way to insights and tales from the outside world. The purpose of all after dinner speakers should be to entertain guests – even if they’re talking about the state of the economy, customer service or a future shaped by self-driving cars. But what marks out the best after dinner speakers is their ability to let you in on secrets, revealing something new about someone or something very familiar.

Celebrities sometimes have a part to play in attracting guests, but it’s worth noting that many of the most respected after dinner speakers are unknown outside the circuit and command considerably more modest fees. Like any talent agency or speaker bureau, JLA won’t turn away gargantuan budgets – but with acres of feedback on all kinds of after dinner speakers we also like to prove that you don’t need to pay ‘AA’ fees to ensure that people will laugh. So long as the speaker knows how to relate to the audience, there’s no automatic correlation between his or her profile and their appreciation. Guests enjoy making a discovery.

The same rule applies to stand-ups, who are a viable alternative to after dinner speakers for many clients. Every September 850 organisers and producers come to JLA’s much talked about Real Variety Show to preview up-and-coming comics suitable for corporate audiences.

Of course presenters can play as central a role as after dinner speakers in increasing the impact of events. The right talent will energise the room and ensure your key messages come across. And when it comes to recognising achievement, a well-chosen professional lends both authority and entertainment value to awards ceremonies. (We provide hosts for more than 250 awards events each year.)

As we hope you’ll discover, there are many things that make JLA distinct. We exclusively represent numerous leading figures – including after dinner speakers; we host breakfast showcases to introduce the latest conference speakers; and we publish Europe’s only speaker / talent directory for the live event industry. But most importantly JLA has the biggest, brightest and best team of agents to help you make your audiences stand up and applaud.

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People used to joke that if you find yourself in the same place as Adie you should get out immediately. As Chief News Reporter she broadcast from the front line in the Gulf War and riots in Tiananmen Square. After dinner Kate talks about Britain’s home front, when women started going to football matches.

Clare is the First Lady of TV sport. The ex-champion jockey fronts Royal Ascot and hosts the weekly chat show. After dinner Clare shares highs and lows, and takes guests behind the latest back page headlines. She is also adept at live Q&A with sporting heroes.

Noted as one of the leading economic voices in the Labour governments of the 1990s and 2000s, Ed was a key architect of polices from the independence of the Bank of England to the minimum wage. Have left politics he now has roles at Harvard and King’s College alongside a new life encompassing everything from Strictly to chairing Norwich City FC. As well as insights into Europe, populism, and economics he reveals a lighter look at Westminster and his career.

Martin has progressed from copper to Crimewatch presenter. In between he enjoyed a successful career as a rugby forward, earning 31 international caps. With natural comic timing, the 6’10” colossus compares his own sport to football, and reveals how he became a part of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

After joining the board of ITV, setting up her own company and serving as SVP in charge of International Sales at media giant Viacom, Cally has also started a parallel career in comedy. She brings humour and energy to workplace insights ranging from how to foster a creative, positive environment to how to inspire and lead through change.

John Bercow served as the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons, with a mission to strengthen the backbenches. He was re-elected three times. He also built a reputation as a reformer – requiring Ministers to make 685 statements on pressing issues, replacing the shooting range with a nursery (and dispensing with Mr Speaker's silk stockings). After stepping down from Westminster John shares his insights on the future of our politics and the lessons learned about driving change. He is also a seasoned raconteur with countless stories from the corridors of power and an eye out for anyone "chuntering from a sedentary position."

As Home Secretary David was in charge of security, immigration and policing. He is now Chairman of a multi-Academy Trust and an advisor to easyJet. As well as sharing insights on cyber-crime and crisis management, David considers how leaders can best engage with the public and counter the widespread sense of grievance. He argues for business to take a lead: “You are a part of our communities, not just employers of people with certain skills.” After dinner he takes a lighter look at a life in politics - both highs and lows – from The Queen offering to cut up his meal, to Sarkozy claiming to have intercepted his emails.

Karren ran the business side of Birmingham City FC through promotion, relegation – and brain surgery. Karren’s mantra for leaders growing any enterprise can be summed up in 5 tips: work hard (be persistent); use every opportunity to network (spread your message); move on (failure is history); don’t get side-tracked, and do your sums.

As well as serving under George Bush Sr, Todd has headed a $15bn hedge fund, lectured on economics at Harvard and co-produced a Broadway hit. He has also written about global upheaval in Market Shock. Todd looks at macro and geopolitical issues, like the crisis in Syria, and the impact they have on financial markets and business strategy.

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