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Having studied physics, philosophy and computation neuroscience, Nick has become one of the world’s leading authorities on the nature and implications of artificial intelligence. The founding Director of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the director of Oxford’s Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, his internationally acclaimed book Superintelligence has prompted debate and comment from the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.

The Gadget Show host is obsessed with all things technology and web related. He has written, presented and produced shows for the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 and his infectious enthusiasm has seen him construct a hoverboard, a mind-reading device and a phone glove. He offers an insight into the world’s leading tech companies and universities, and can illustrate his presentations with incredible inventions from holograms and robots.

After working for the likes of the BBC, BP and KPMG, Calum took a wealth of business and media experience and combined it with a passion for technology and robotics. Now one of the leading commentators on artificial intelligence, he looks at the vast potential for both good and ill, considering the development of AI, its portrayal in the media and in fiction, and what might await us in the future.

Originally an oil exploration engineer and marketer, Dan became head of Google UK – with responsibility for $5bn revenue. He’s now focused on Fintech, with the aim of disrupting financial services. In his speech Dan shows how Google use technology in the search for transformative solutions to major problems. They include balloons in space to beam internet signals to remote parts of the world, and contact lenses with an embedded glucose sensor for diabetes sufferers.

Working at the cutting-edge of fashion, technology and retail, Matthew demonstrates how the fashion industry is being changed in every facet of its operation. From what clothes can do (monitoring your activities, charging your phone) to how VR could replace high street shops, how robots could replace craftspeople to the future of manufacturing he finds important lessons for any industry in collaboration, disruption and future strategy.

Science writer, broadcaster, sometime comedian and co-host of Radio 4’s look into what the future holds, Timandra examines the effects of all areas of technology. She is the author of Big Data: does size matter? and has written for Wired, the Guardian and the Telegraph.

Working in academia, the public and private sectors, Daniel is a leading expert in artificial intelligence as well as its applications and the social, commercial, economic and ethical implications. In a world where many believe access to more and more data will lead to ever better decision-making, he looks at what AI really is, what it can achieve, and the potential pitfalls. He also asks how organisations need to change their structure and why people feel addicted to technology.

In his day job, Kaku is an authority on ‘string fields’ and continues Einstein’s goal to unite the fundamental forces of nature in one theory. He is also a thoroughly accessible writer, host of a popular US science phone-in and presenter of BBC 4’s Visions of the Future. Kaku discusses everything from artificial intelligence and teleportation to the ‘human body shop.’

After defeating arch-rival Karpov, Garry Kasparov remained the highest-rated grand master for most of the next twenty years and remains one of the game’s best known names. His matches against IBM’s Deep Blue were a milestone in artificial intelligence and he has continues to examine the rise of machine learning. He also considers how chess contains useful parallels to business – in terms of strategy, decision-making, maximising resources and beating the competition. He also dedicated much of his energy to politics and is an outspoken critic of modern Russia.

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