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Jonty leads network radio coverage of the latest economic, business and industry stories – from the workings of the EU to the rise of pound shops.

Karren ran the business side of Birmingham City FC through promotion, relegation – and brain surgery. Karren’s mantra for leaders growing any enterprise can be summed up in 5 tips: work hard (be persistent); use every opportunity to network (spread your message); move on (failure is history); don’t get side-tracked, and do your sums.

René is an associate of Cass, a former Non-Executive Director of the Inland Revenue, chair of Leaders in London and author of Corporate Voodoo. He now fronts BBC2’s flagship personal turnaround project. René argues that markets are too fast moving for one person to get it right all the time: leadership is not an individual pursuit, it’s about learning and leading together.

Andrea has anchored ITV News, been a regular on This Morning, presented business briefings for Bloomberg and interviewed Aung San Suu Kyi.

The former business specialist has transferred to ITV, swapping Premier League for Champions League and heading up the channel’s breakfast programming.

After acquiring a big fan base for his early morning market reports, Declan moved to Working Lunch and 5 Live’s On the Money.

An award-winning journalist, Nadine is an experienced business presenter. She has worked for the BBC and CNN, and with a wide variety of business clients around the world. She was a Non-Executive Director of World Skills London.

Vince Franklin has two diverse, yet surprisingly well-matched careers. As an actor, he has played managers, spin doctors and sales speakers in Twenty Twelve, The Thick of It and The Office. As a communications expert he has helped multinational businesses understand the importance of clear communication with both staff and customers. With entertaining examples of the right and wrong way of doing this, Vince tells organisations how to deliver an attractive, engaging message as well as the power a personal story has to inspire trust and explain complex details.

Patrick began in engineering, but changed tack and took himself to Oxford’s Said Business School. While there he spotted an opportunity to acquire an ailing 200-year old Savile Row tailor. Without any training in fashion, Patrick has turned around the enterprise and tripled the number of suits it produces – though still measured in the hundreds. He has also raised his profile with The Great British Sewing Bee. Patrick explains where heritage meets innovation.

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