JLA is the UK's biggest specialist agency for keynote, motivational and after dinner speakers, conference presenters, awards hosts and cabaret for corporate, industry and public sector events.

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JLA was founded in 1990 and is now the biggest specialist agency in the country – described by the Financial Times as “The UK’s leading speaker bureau.” We provide conference speakers, motivators and after dinner speakers as well as presenters, awards hosts and performers for over 2000 corporate, industry and public sector events each year across Britain and continental Europe.

Guest conference speakers are often the highlight of an event, when PowerPoint graphs give way to insights and experience from the outside world. The purpose of all conference speakers should be to excite, inform and inspire delegates – whether talking about the state of the economy, how to improve customer service or a future shaped by nanotechnology and bioscience. Well chosen conference speakers also lift morale and prepare delegates for the challenges ahead. Skilled presenters play as important a role as conference speakers in making the most of live events. The right presenter or moderator will energise the room, ensure that key messages come across and help internal conference speakers and panellists shine. And when it comes to recognising achievement at awards ceremonies, a seasoned presenter lends authority and entertainment value. JLA provide more than 200 hosts every year, for a bewildering array of awards.

Entertaining conference speakers also bring light relief to a strenuous programme, either during the day’s business or after dinner. A celebrity might help attract important guests, though many of the best speakers are unknown outside the circuit and command considerably more modest fees. Like any talent agency or speaker bureau, JLA won’t turn away gargantuan budgets – but with acres of feedback on all kinds of conference speakers and performers we also like to prove that you don’t need to pay ‘AA’ fees to ensure that people will laugh. There’s little connection between artist profile and audience appreciation: we all enjoy making a discovery.

The same thinking has always informed our attitude to stand-up comedy, which is where JLA started all those years ago. To this day 850 event organisers and producers come to our annual Real Variety Show to watch up-and-coming talent suitable for corporate audiences.That isn’t the only thing that makes JLA different to other speaker agencies. We exclusively represent several leading business, political and after dinner speakers; stage regular breakfasts to introduce the latest conference speakers; and publish Europe’s only speaker and talent directory for the live event industry. But most importantly JLA has the biggest, brightest and best team of agents to help you make your audiences stand up and applaud.

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As Transport Secretary, Schools Minister and Head of the No.10 Policy Unit, Andrew has been an architect of public service reforms from academies to policing. He also prepared the plan for HS2, before leading a review of regional growth strategies. As Chair of the new commission, he is now assessing the UK’s future infrastructure needs. In presentations Andrew looks at change management and policy implementation in complex organisations – and difficult conditions.

As well as being a respected science communicator Jim is an active researcher specialising in theoretical nuclear physics and quantum biology. An acclaimed science writer and a regular on TV and radio, his presentations consider anything from the case for nuclear power plants to the weirdness of the quantum world, the prospects for time travel (much more likely forwards than back), the creation of life, and Medieval Arabic science.

The former Juventus, England and Chelsea striker was a natural goalscorer and a leading talent in the women’s game. She won Super League and Serie A titles as well as FA Cups, and played over 100 internationals. Off the pitch she’s a lawyer, having qualified in the US and working the City, and now serves as Aston Villa Women's sporting director. She also hit the headlines with her stand against the discrimination, outdated behaviour and damaging culture within the England women’s coaching set up. As well as examining the lessons any organisation can learn from the failures within the FA, she also looks at the nature of a winning team and a winning mindset, and what good leadership l...

Noted as one of the leading economic voices in the Labour governments of the 1990s and 2000s, Ed was a key architect of polices from the independence of the Bank of England to the minimum wage. Have left politics he now has roles at Harvard and King’s College alongside a new life encompassing everything from Strictly to chairing Norwich City FC. As well as insights into Europe, populism, and economics he reveals a lighter look at Westminster and his career.

As well as editing the daily business institution for 15 years, Lionel has edited the US and European editions. He is also credited with turning a struggling newspaper into a global, digital news platform. He is one of the most respected voices on transatlantic affairs and has written extensively on relations between Washington, London and Brussels. He recounts his experiences covering elections and crises and interviewing world leaders in his book The Powerful and the Damned.

On TV Georgie is part of the Gadget Show team and ITV’s Weekend regular tech correspondent. Away from reviewing the latest apps and devices she considers the implications for business and society of developments in the digital world, the changing expectations of the next generation of employees, and how to encourage more women to work in tech.

As President of the EU’s executive and legislative branch, José Manuel dealt with the expansion of the Union, the fallout from the financial crisis, and closer integration of member states. He is also a critic of all sides in the Brexit debate and believes the EU could have done more to avoid it.

Jamie is the creator and host of the popular BBC podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen and is the author of The People Vs Tech, The Dark Net and Radicals. He has explored everything from online subcultures and hackers to blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the threat social media has on democracy.

After working in senior global leadership roles in some of the world’s largest insurance companies, Inga took over the helm of the 330-year-old City financial institution. Taking on many of the traditions that had held the organisation back, Inga expanded their global markets, and introduced strategies including the Lloyd’s Innovation Lab, and the Dive In Festival, an industry-wide, international diversity and inclusion event. She considers the balance struck between history and modernisation when implementing change, the vital importance of inclusion in the workplace, and concepts of trust and ethics in business.

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