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  3. £5k to £10k
  4. £2.5k to £5k
  5. £1k to £2.5k
  6. Up to £1k

Clarke made over 500 senior level appearances and led the football players’ union. He has also written a powerful memoir. Clarke is open about his struggles with alcohol, depression and gambling – the strains of a multi-billion pound industry in which both fans and club believe they own you. He’s similarly candid about racism and the Kick It Out campaign. Clarke talks about diversity and culture change in a game traditionally associated with macho behaviour.

Pierluigi is the most widely admired of all World Cup referees. The one-time financial advisor argues that he practised a simple creed as relevant to business as football: analyse each team’s tactics to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time; defuse any tense situation quickly and fairly; and above all learn from your mistakes: “In a fast moving environment, with a number of factors in play, use all the resources at your disposal to make the best possible decision.”

As Director of Football Operations at Chelsea FC, Mike had overall responsibility for everything from recruitment to performance. He has also worked with Team Sky, and NFL and NBA teams, including NBA champions the San Antonio Spurs. He draws parallels between the requirements of business and sport, and explains the importance of analysis and adapting performance in a sector where return on investment is crucial.

The former Premier League, Celtic and Wales striker made 400 club appearances, scoring 167 goals. Then he was struck with testicular cancer, only to discover that it had spread to his brain and lungs. Emergency surgery and more than 60 rounds of chemotherapy saved his life. John now helps raise awareness about early detection, alongside his role as Assistant Coach to Wales and Match Of The Day punditry. He urges audiences to re-evaluate their problems.

In an illustrious career Kevin made 321 appearances for Liverpool, and both captained and managed the national side. He also felt the lure of Hamburg and Newcastle (on more than one occasion), and gave a a generation of men their hairstyle. Kevin entertains and inspires any audience, not just football fans.

Graeme studied environmental science then signed to Chelsea – winning FA Cup, League and European honours. He’s since taken to commentating for NBC and dispensing expert advice for the City, travelling with the Prime Minister on a trade mission to China. Graeme uncovers the real business of football.

Paul was the top scorer at Norwich City, and helped them win promotion to the Premier League. While playing he developed an interest in psychology and performance coaching. Since hanging up his boots he has published The Stupid Footballer Is Dead and turned full-time consultant. Drawing on experience of one of the most demanding leagues in the world, Paul speaks to business audiences about working to defined objectives, with everyone playing their part.

The former World Cup ref is now a sales director for an IT recruitment company. For after dinner guests Graham focuses on the challenge of controlling 22 young millionaires running around a field. Despite the ruling that makes referees right even if they’re wrong, he might refer to the Croatia game.

Hope played for the national team for 15 years and spent another 14 as head coach. She is credited with transforming women’s football – changing external and internal perceptions, dramatically increasing its profile and introducing professional contracts. Hope now shares her insights on building and motivating teams, and coping with challenges from all quarters: “You’ve got to be both tactician and communicator, and encourage everyone to develop self-belief.”

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