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The Financial Times has described JLA as “The UK’s leading speaker bureau.” We provide keynote and motivational speakers, presenters and performers for over 2,500 audiences each year.

We work with business leaders, tech pioneers, entrepreneurs, achievers and motivators from every walk of life. We host breakfasts to introduce the latest inspiring names to join the circuit; and we publish The Index – Europe’s only speaker and talent directory for corporate events. But most importantly JLA has the biggest and brightest team of specialist agents to help you inspire your organisation.

Motivational speakers should be one of the highlights of any conference, when performance targets make way for real life role models. As a general rule their task is to engage, energise and give delegates the confidence to reach their own potential.

We are all familiar with the stereotypical motivational speaker. The most hackneyed imitate American evangelists (think David Brent), add a dollop of self-help wisdom and point to the riches available if you steadfastly follow their step-by-step guide to success.

But that isn’t what we call a motivational speech. At JLA we believe in speakers who have ‘been there and done it.’ They might have coached a winning team or overcome appalling physical or mental adversity. In some cases they save lives or campaign to give others a better chance. Or perhaps they’re pushing boundaries and developing innovations from which we might all one day benefit.

So how do you home in on the right motivational speaker, how much should you expect to pay and why should you come to JLA?

Firstly think about the message you want to send and how your people tend to respond. Are you more likely to grab everyone’s attention with an adventurer or a soldier, a sports icon or a sporting psychologist? What are the key values the speaker has to reflect?

As a broad guide, the best ‘non-name’ motivational speakers command fees between £3,000 and £8,000. Unsurprisingly fees are dramatically higher for well known names. While £5,000 will secure a proud Olympian (with medals on show), a current household name can set you back up to £25,000.

Why JLA? We are the market leader for inspiring speakers.

Fee Bands

  1. Over £25k
  2. £10k to £25k
  3. £5k to £10k
  4. £2.5k to £5k
  5. £1k to £2.5k
  6. Up to £1k

The former Juventus, England and Chelsea striker was a natural goalscorer and a leading talent in the women’s game. She won Super League and Serie A titles as well as FA Cups, and played over 100 internationals. Off the pitch she’s a lawyer, having qualified in the US and working the City, and now serves as Aston Villa Women's sporting director. She also hit the headlines with her stand against the discrimination, outdated behaviour and damaging culture within the England women’s coaching set up. As well as examining the lessons any organisation can learn from the failures within the FA, she also looks at the nature of a winning team and a winning mindset, and what good leadership l...

After joining the board of ITV, setting up her own company and serving as SVP in charge of International Sales at media giant Viacom, Cally has also started a parallel career in comedy. She brings humour and energy to workplace insights ranging from how to foster a creative, positive environment to how to inspire and lead through change.

As Home Secretary David was in charge of security, immigration and policing. He is now Chairman of a multi-Academy Trust and an advisor to easyJet. As well as sharing insights on cyber-crime and crisis management, David considers how leaders can best engage with the public and counter the widespread sense of grievance. He argues for business to take a lead: “You are a part of our communities, not just employers of people with certain skills.” After dinner he takes a lighter look at a life in politics - both highs and lows – from The Queen offering to cut up his meal, to Sarkozy claiming to have intercepted his emails.

Clarke made over 500 senior level appearances and led the football players’ union. He has also written a powerful memoir. Clarke is open about his struggles with alcohol, depression and gambling – the strains of a multi-billion pound industry in which both fans and club believe they own you. He’s similarly candid about racism and the Kick It Out campaign. Clarke talks about diversity and culture change in a game traditionally associated with macho behaviour.

On the track Seb’s talent and commitment earned eleven world records and two Olympic gold medals; he has since led the most successful Games in recent history. After serving as one of many Vice Presidents, Seb is tasked with turning around World Athletics and restoring the reputation of international athletics, in the gaze of the world’s media. In speeches he shares the lessons as an athlete and as a leader delivering a vision, managing crisis and bringing about change.

Following Ayrton Senna’s death at Imola, David was promoted from test driver to the race team – where he sat alongside Damon Hill. With 13 Grand Prix wins and over 60 podium finishes during his career he became Britain’s highest point-scorer in the sport. Now a member of the Channel 4 commentary team, David talks first hand about how to succeed in a high performance and unremittingly high pressure environment. He also explains how F1 teams rely on the drivers, technicians, engineers and sponsors all working together, and the motivation and leadership skills required to succeed in this most high-risk, high-tech sport.

Possibly the best scrum half in the world, Matt’s performance in the World Cup-winning England rugby team, and especially his pass that led to the winning kick, earned enormous respect within the sport. A former England captain, Matt is a proven leader and a natural team player and he combines his playing experience with his more recent business lessons to consider the nature of teams, leadership and performance culture. He’s also an accomplished presenter of conferences and awards, where he can pair up with his Question of Sport sparring-partner Phil Tufnell.

Ran was the first man to reach both poles by surface travel, and the first to cross Antarctica unsupported. He’s also the oldest Briton to climb Everest, has run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, as well an ultramarathon in the Sahara. He undertook the first expedition to attempt to cross the Antarctic continent on foot during the southern winter, at temperatures of minus 90C; but sadly frostbite forced his withdrawal. Despite the setback, Ran believes that “If you are lucky enough to be able to walk without a crutch, you might as well go for it.”

Bob has inspired hundreds of projects across Africa and ensures it remains on the political agenda and in the public consciousness. In a rousing speech on social responsibility, Bob reminds us that we are all defined by what we do, not what we say. This isn’t confined to philanthropy. He might also confess to some pride at the thought of becoming the first Irishman (and the first genuine rock star) in space.

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