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As well as being a respected science communicator Jim is an active researcher specialising in theoretical nuclear physics and quantum biology. An acclaimed science writer and a regular on TV and radio, his presentations consider anything from the case for nuclear power plants to the weirdness of the quantum world, the prospects for time travel (and why it's much more likely forwards than back), the creation of life, the importance of asking the right questions (and accepting uncomfortable answers), and Medieval Arabic science.

Associate Professor of planetary science, Suzie has climbed some of the world’s highest and most challenging mountains, programmed supercomputers, helped develop space tourist training programmes, and won the BBC’s search for a future astronaut. Covering everything from satellites to teamwork, the future of science to dealing with risk, she looks at the lessons from all aspects of her work.

Leo explores the big ideas that will shape business and society in the years to come and considers how the world might respond. From revolutions in energy and transport to predictive policing and an end to language barriers, the co-founder of Sustainable Finance specialises in mapping out unexploded volcanoes – charting the collisions of megatrends that are going to create seismic disruption.

Lewis is the first to complete long distance swims in each of the world’s oceans. He has also swum in Arctic and Antarctic waters, and the length of the Channel. His aim is to raise global awareness of a fragile maritime environment – one with retreating glaciers and increasing levels of plastic pollution – and he has negotiated official protected status for over two million square kilometres of ocean (equivalent to the size of Western Europe). As well as highlighting the urgent plight of the world’s seas, Lewis also reflects on his mindset and the vision, preparation and teamwork required when undertaking his marathon swims.

Having started out presenting music and entertainment shows, Liz returned to her passion for science and nature, fronting Stargazing Live, Bang Goes the Theory, Horizon and documentaries including the award-winning Galapagos and the influential Drowning In Plastic.

Sweta is an incisive voice on the science behind human decision-making and its impact on societies, institutions and ecological networks. She brings expert knowledge from both the private and public sector to bear on some of the biggest challenges of our time, most notably climate change and Covid-19. Sweta is the US representative of We Don't Have Time, a climate-focussed organisation, and also co-hosts Risky Behavior, a podcast that sheds light on human behaviour in relation to food, drugs and sex. 

A former Royal Marine, Monty formed his own expedition company and led a group of divers to rediscover a sunken city beside the coast of India, suspected to be the cradle of civilisation. On television, he has undertaken Great Escapes, served as The Fisherman’s Apprentice, and relocated his life in My Family and the Galapagos. He draws together his array of incredible experiences to talk leadership, motivation, purpose and teamwork.

Bertrand made history when he circumnavigated the Earth in the Breitling Orbiter balloon. He continued his pioneering work with Solar Impulse, successfully completing the first ever entirely solar-powered round-the-world flight by aeroplane: “If we can fly day and night without fuel, everybody could use these same technologies on the ground to halve energy consumption.” As a trained psychiatrist Bertrand talks about changing behaviours and overcoming neighsayers in pursuit of a cleaner, sustainable future.

Before serving as only the fifth woman to hold one of Britain’s Great Offices of State, Amber represented the UK at the Paris climate change conference as Energy and Climate Change Secretary. As Home Secretary she led calls for tech companies to take greater responsibility for the spread of radicalising content online. After also serving as Work and Pensions Secretary and Women and Equalities Minister, Amber left the Government amid the bitter arguments over the pursuing of a no-deal Brexit policy.

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