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As Britain's highest-ranking black Royal Marine, Scotty's mettle has been proven. He continues to pass on his wisdom to some of the world's most elite performers, both as a team-leadership coach and as a motivational speaker. He is recognised as a driving force behind the the England football team for whom he ran several bootcamps in preparation for the 2018 World Cup.

Keith has coached junior and senior runners in both Olympic and Paralympic competition – including the 2012 men’s amputee 4x100m team. His athletes won one gold and two silver medals in London. Bringing his sporting know-how together with a background in management training, Keith shares techniques to build trust between one another – like a relay team. Getting audiences on their feet, he shows how they can develop the will to improve their performance.

As fitness advisor to the British Lions, Premiership football teams and world champions Steve believes that if you can’t be passionate about something, you can’t be good at it. He sets out the environment in which teams can flourish: re-inforce everyone’s role, underline the positive and avoid stress.

Steve served as HQ psychologist to Team GB at three Olympic Games. He also worked with the England Cricket Team for 16 years - during which time they regained the Ashes from Australia after 18 years and went on to reach No.1 in the world rankings for the first time ever. Steve considers resilience to be a crucial factor in organisational performance and outlines a range of techniques for creating the right mindset for thriving under pressure.

Frank has trained sporting legends from Daley Thompson to Boris Becker, and was responsible for UK athletics during a period of unprecedented success at both team and individual level. Using sport as metaphor, his presentations prepare for the challenges of business: ‘What do you want to achieve, what will it cost – and are you prepared to pay the price?’ Frank examines the four factors that can knock the wind out of your sails, and sets out how to create the right climate to win.

After playing in the German ice hockey squad, Ralph took over as coach of the Swiss national team and turned a lacklustre outfit into serious competitors known for aggressive counter-attacks. In presentations as in his book TeamLife, Ralph explores the elements necessary for high performance and demonstrates why team spirit always rates above individual achievement.

Tracey and her England team produced a shock result in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, overturning not just a historical dominance of the sport by Australia, but beating them at home in a dramatic final. Tracey is credited with revolutionising English netball, creating a culture of dedication, support and professionalism in all areas, from training to sponsorship.

As the resident psychiatrist at GB cycling, Steve was described as a genius by Dave Brailsford. Working in several sports, he has an unparalleled reputation for giving people an edge – as well as the confidence to overcome defeat. As in his book The Chimp Paradox, Steve shows how to deal with fear and ‘become the person you want to be’. He explains how to visualise and break each challenge into small stages, focusing on the process rather than the outcome.

Greg was a pentathlete before becoming Research Director at BOA, helping prepare Team GB for five Olympics. He’s also trained David Walliams to swim the Thames and Izzard to run 43 marathons. He continues to help celebrities with charity challenges as well as elite athletes in professional competition. In speeches Greg demonstrates that success is not a question of chance – witness the four remarkable women he trained to cross the English Channel.

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