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Anna dreamed of representing her country as an Olympic snowboarder, but then broke her spine in a training accident. She reappraised her goals and learned to mono-ski, finishing sixth in Vancouver and fourth in Sochi. Anna talks about the journey, the fear of trying to ski again and the need for single-minded focus. Whilst friendly competition is key to team morale, she also explains how being beaten by less talented sportspeople is a great motivator.

The former world super-middleweight champion is now both a Eurosport pundit and a hypnotherapist, helping young people back into work. After dinner he talks about coming face to face with a man who wants to render you unconscious. He also explains why he failed to hypnotise himself.

Though plagued with injury, Kyran earned 170 Saracens caps and 50 for England – including a big contribution to the famous World Cup win. He explains how the team had several leaders, each responsible for their discipline but following a single game plan. As in business, they fought hard to deliver results and to leave the opposition in their wake. After dinner, the Dancing on Ice champion tells how his team became the best in the world - and describes the journey from turnovers to toe loops.

When he wasn’t practising litigation, Brian won 64 England caps and the Player of the Year crown. Well known for reciting Henry V before a match, he went on to write The Thoughts Of Chairman Moore. After dinner the former hooker (and qualified manicurist) mixes dressing room tales with tips on teamwork.

The ex-rally champion’s career has taken in stunt driving and Top Gear. She’s also faced her own fears in a boxing ring with gold medallist Nicola Adams, run marathons and climbed Kilimanjaro. She considers the nature of high performance, and the mindsets that hold people back. Along with serious matters of personal and team achievement she takes a lighter look at the motoring world, comparing cars to men and explaining that if you’re not crashing, you’re really not trying hard enough.

As Eddie Jordan’s right hand man, Mark helped make Jordan the most motivated team in Formula One. He went on to work with Red Bull and Cosworth. He’s founded his own team, worked with some of the greats of F1, and even advised Pixar on portraying motorsport. Mark draws fascinating parallels between the challenging, high-speed environment of F1 and the fast-paced business world.

One of the greatest players of his generation, few sportsmen have been as versatile in both rugby codes as Jonathan Davies. He caused a major sensation when he left Wales and Rugby Union for the professional league - but he quickly silenced the detractors. Known for his fitness and physical commitment, it came as no surprise that he was still good enough to make the first team when he returned to Wales ten years after his debut.

As fitness advisor to the British Lions, Premiership football teams and world champions Steve believes that if you can’t be passionate about something, you can’t be good at it. He sets out the environment in which teams can flourish: re-inforce everyone’s role, underline the positive and avoid stress.

Danny Crates had a promising rugby career, playing at both regional and county level, before he suffered an accident whilst travelling and working in Australia, which resulted in the loss of his right arm. Not easily deterred, Danny took up athletics, eventually retiring as 800m Paralympic and European Champion.

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