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Martine lost both legs in the 7/7 Circle Line bombing. She was last to be rescued. Trapped in debris for an hour, she’d lost 80% of her blood supply. Then came a year of rehabilitation during which she learned to walk again, with prosthetics. Yet she still sees herself as lucky: the Paralympics, secured the day before the bombings, gave her a new goal. She now has 40 GB caps in sitting volleyball. The ex-marketing manager addresses change, goal-setting and diversity.

Back in 2003 the nation held its collective breath as Clive’s men fulfilled their promise and clinched the Rugby World Cup. He has now helped elite athletes achieve unprecedented success and has launched a new app to capture knowledge on any subject. In presentations and workshops Clive demonstrates the power of collaborative leadership – and how to create a winning mindset. He also unpicks the DNA of a champion, which goes way beyond talent.

As a keen teenage swimmer Marc was distraught to be diagnosed with cancer. He lost his lower leg, but within months he was swimming faster than before. He went on to win four golds over five Paralympics. Marc has now published Beyond The Call, exploring how fairness, trust, empowerment and self-sacrifice all combine to produce extra, ‘discretionary’ effort. In speeches he shows what happens by focusing on those things that are under your control.

After winning gold in Athens with Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell, Steve continued to race with a whole new team and claim gold again in Beijing. He’s a member of a select group of athletes to win gold in successive Olympics and World Championships.

Travelling at 90mph on a sled called Arthur, Amy became the first British individual female gold medalist at the Winter Olympics for 58 years. She achieved the remarkable feat in spite of the fact that the UK does not have an ice track. Instead Amy trained on a dry-push facility with a bespoke device known as The Assassin. She explains the lessons in viewing problems differently, focusing on the things you can control, and how team effort is vital even in a solo discipline.

One of the most successful and admired sportspeople in the world, Serena Williams has won 39 major tennis titles, has been ranked number one player in the world eight times, and is matched only by Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova in the all-time rankings. Her success is said to have revolutionised tennis, and sport more widely, for women, bringing a new level of power, athleticism and recognition to the women’s game and challenging preconceptions of gender, race and class.

The man who won England the World Cup, Jonny became one of the most famous rugby players ever when his drop goal decided the final in the dying seconds of the game. He went on to become one of the most decorated players in the game, becoming the highest international points scorer and a role model of professionalism and sportsmanship. The public success was only part of the story, however, and Jonny speaks frankly and inspiringly about the pressure of expectation and the mental health implications of leading a life defined by others.

Bradley is a phenomenal track and road racer and one of the most successful all-rounder cyclists of all time having held World, Olympic and Tour de France titles simultaneously. He’s also won medals at five consecutive Olympics. Out of the saddle Bradley is seen as an unconventional, outspoken and down-to-earth character - listing his enthusiasms as ‘alcohol, guitars, and boxing memorabilia.’

Greg was a pentathlete before becoming Research Director at BOA, helping prepare Team GB for five Olympics. He’s also trained David Walliams to swim the Thames and Izzard to run 43 marathons. He continues to help celebrities with charity challenges as well as elite athletes in professional competition. In speeches Greg demonstrates that success is not a question of chance – witness the four remarkable women he trained to cross the English Channel.

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