Adam Cheyer (US)

Adam Cheyer (US)

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Co-Founder & VP, Siri Inc

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One of the world’s leading AI and machine learning experts, Adam’s work helped created two of the world’s leading intelligent assistants in Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby. With experience in engineering, research, management and consulting he is a pioneer in the field.


Adam Cheyer co-founded, and was VP of Engineering at Siri Inc, the company bought by Apple to provide its intelligent assistant software. He has since founded and led Viv Labs, another artificial intelligence startup later sold to Samsung. He now serves as Vice President of R&D at Samsung. Amongst may innovations, Adam helped created Siri’s voice recognition software, and he is one of the world’s leading figures in AI and its practical applications.

Before Siri Adam worked at a series of pioneering AI companies. He was Program Director in SRI International's Artificial Intelligence Center where he also led their project to develop a personal cognitive assistant that learned as it was used. He also served as VP of Engineering at Dejima (later acquired by Sybase), leading their engineering team, technical strategy, and product development.

Adam co-founded Siri Inc with the aim of completely changing the way people use their mobile devices through AI. The business was acquired by Apple where Adam was appointed Director of Engineering in the iPhone/iOS group. After Apple he started Viv Labs which looked at wider applications of AI as well as advancing its learning skills and allowing other developers to create programmes that work with and alongside its software. Viv was bought by Samsung who later integrated it into its new generation of the Bixby personal assistant which operates on their phones, watches, televisions and other devices. Adam then went on to co-found Sentient Technologies, which raised more funds than any other AI business in the world before moving to Samsung to head the electronics giant's reserach and development.

With experience in engineering, research, management and consulting Adam is a pioneer in the field of AI and machine learning. His work in user interfaces and distributed computing has seen over 20 patents issued. Aside from his commercial and academic work he is also a Founding Member of, and Advisor to, the political and social activism network. Unusually he combines holding 25 patents and authoring over 60 peer-reviewed academic papers with being an international-standard magician, and has performed live and on TV around the world.

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