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Originally an electronics engineer specialising in computing, Kate began her broadcast career on Tomorrow’s World. She has worked on programmes for the Open University, 5Live and ITV. Kate is a Patron of WISE – Women into Science, Engineering and Construction and was awarded a UKRC Women of Outstanding Achievement Award for her work in communicating science, engineering and technology.

As in the title of her book, Kristiane has travelled From MTV To Mecca. She has presented programmes across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Ann spearheaded the Jubilee 2000 campaign to cancel $100bn of debt owed by 42 poor nations. She was also one of the first to predict the credit crunch, in 2003. Ann now believes that governments and policy makers may have failed to learn from the 1930s (and Japan in the 90s), which show the need for a carefully sequenced adjusting of monetary policy, debt management and fiscal policy, as well as the social and political divisions the era created.

Luke has competed in more than 60 marathons and mountain races – claiming not to be a natural runner, he constantly pushes his own limits. Drawing lessons from the Amazon and the freezing wastes of the Yukon, Luke’s presentations illustrate how he tackles fear and failure, and stays tenacious. The secret is to keep one eye on the short term and the other firmly fixed on long term goals.

Claire was a young field nurse in Ethiopia when Michael Buerk interviewed her for a BBC report on the famine. She was irritated by his ‘stupid questions,’ but told him her grimmest task was to decide which children might survive if let in to the feeding station, and which must be left to die. The report inspired Geldof to set up Live Aid. Claire explains that everybody can make a difference and create value, not just be a consumer.

If your office has a water cooler, the chances are it was manufactured by Ebac. John’s firm also makes specialist refrigeration and air conditioning for everything from field hospitals to the London Underground. As he proved on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, John is passionate about solving problems, accepting mistakes, adding value and answering only to Joe Public.

Mobile, online and digital strategy expert, Ross has worked with brands in all industries on their digital strategy and how to apply digital to their management of relationships with both customers and employees. As a co-founder of Virgin Games he’s seen from the inside the effects of rapid innovation and new competition. He also looks at the latest develops in mobile, digital, online and the Internet of Things.

When he isn’t pursuing his second career as a club comedian, the former MD of bmibaby uncovers the truth about airport check-ins, customer relations, in- flight communication and other joys of 21st century travel. In conferences he looks at the valuable lessons for any business dealing with the public. After dinner, audiences are also invited to practise safety procedure, but not quite as we know it.

Inspiring others to test themselves and achieve great things, Tori speaks of polar bears, minus forty temperatures and having climbed higher than any other Welsh woman. Speaking from the heart, she taps into the inner reserves of determination and resilience within us all.

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