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Having worked in law enforcement and cybersecurity, Victoria joined the social media giant in a leading role to connect the business to government and security agencies. A leading thinker on trust and safety in the digital world, she looks at everything from the how, why and who of fake news to what AI could do for privacy, the myths and realities of cybercrime to what invading someone’s space in virtual reality might mean.

Hacker turned cybersecurity expert and academic, Keren looks at everything from corporate espionage to national security and geopolitics, as they are played out on, and being radically changed by digital and social media. The acclaimed TED speaker looks at why hackers might hold the key to the future of the internet, common security myths, and the intersection of business, commerce and society.

After reporting on the Balkan wars and the collapse of the Soviet Bloc, Misha work with and advised EU and US governments. He remains an expert on Central and Eastern Europe and an acclaimed writer on global crime, most notably in his book McMafia, which was adapted into a hit BBC drama.

James started working on government security when he was a teenager. TechWeek Europe now proclaims ‘he may be the industry’s first megastar’ - consulting on strategy and severe incidents across the globe. In presentations James details investigations, highlights threats and reveals the realities of hacking, malware, trojans, phishing and denial of service. He also gives a live demonstration, ensuring delegates come away better informed about a very real danger.

One of America’s most respected authorities on cybersecurity, online fraud and associated areas, Theresa was responsible for the safe transmission and storage of some of the most sensitive data in the world. She examines the nature of the digital threats to states and companies, how to mitigate them, the role of technology and people in security, and what the future might hold.

Maersk, the world largest shipping company, runs on technology - systems that track the whereabouts of millions of tonnes of cargo every minute of every day, everywhere in the world. When the company was hit by one of the most severe malicious cyberattacks ever, offices were disconnected, networks failed and computers went blank. Adam recounts a dramatic story of emergency procedures, sleepless nights, improvised systems and frenzied phone calls. A huge team effort kept the company operating, removed the malware, and rebuilt the crucial global network in what has become a lesson for others in dealing with this new type of threat.

Charlie headed Scotland Yard’s Economic & Cyber Crime Unit and led the national Ecrime programme. She was the UK’s senior law enforcement officer in the cross-border world of hacking and online fraud, before moving to a corporate role. In presentations Charlie explores everything from the vulnerabilities of mobile tech to the impact of fraud on brands and legislation on data breaches and liability. She also sets out the measures to drive best practice.

Before serving as only the fifth woman to hold one of Britain’s Great Offices of State, Amber represented the UK at the Paris climate change conference as Energy and Climate Change Secretary. As Home Secretary she led calls for tech companies to take greater responsibility for the spread of radicalising content online. After also serving as Work and Pensions Secretary and Women and Equalities Minister, Amber left the Government amid the bitter arguments over the pursuing of a no-deal Brexit policy.

Dave specialises in electronic payment and transaction technology and digital currencies. In presentations he weighs up perceptions and looks at the pitfalls of the death of money – especially the security issues. With mobile and contactless transactions commonplace, Dave accepts that proof of identity is key to new payment systems, but what are the implications if identity itself becomes a commodity? What opportunities might a cashless society uncover? And will the blockchain change transactions forever?

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