Henry Ajder

Henry Ajder

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Generative AI and Deepfake Expert

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Henry works working at the frontier of the generative AI and synthetic media revolution. He presented the BBC documentary series The Future will be Synthesised, and advises organisations on the challenges and opportunities new technologies present.


Henry Ajder is an expert on generative AI and deepfakes, and was the first “GenAI Cartographer”. A Generative AI “Luminary” Advisor for EY, he sits on Meta’s Reality Labs Advisory Council, is an Advisor to The Content Authenticity Initiative, led by Adobe, and is a Strategic Advisor to The Partnership on AI. Henry holds a visiting research position on generative AI and AI ethics at The University of Cambridge’s Jesus College.

The presenter of the BBC’s first documentary series exploring the generative AI and deepfake revolution, The Future Will be Synthesised, Henry also contributes as an AI expert to news media, including CNN, Bloomberg, and The New York Times.

Previously, he led generative AI research at MIT and the deepfake detection company, Sensity AI. Henry has authored reports including the State of Deepfakes that influenced international legislation and business strategy. As Head of Policy at Metaphysic AI, he established Synthetic Futures, the first cross-industry organisation dedicated to ethical generative AI.

In his speeches Henry considers AI ethics, Generative AI business and sector strategy, advertising in the generative age, AI policy and the legislative landscape, and combating deepfake threats, from cybersecurity to politics.


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