Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury

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Former host of The Gadget Show 

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Labelling himself a ‘first generation geek,’ Jason is fixated with tech and all things web-related. And as David Walliams’ one-time stand-up partner he’s also a very entertaining performer. After looking at past technological breakthroughs, Jason explains why the next ten years could see as much progress as the last millennium. Using his own inventions (a robot and a glove phone), he shows how computers will become so integral that we cease to treat them as objects.


Jason Bradbury presented The Gadget Show, both in the UK and US. He has also worked as a presenter and producer on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky. For over two decades, he has been sharing his technological expertise with audiences as a speaker, entrepreneur, and media personality. Jason has a flair for engaging and entertaining content, he has been known to enter the room on a hoverboard and arrive in his Back to the Future DeLorean.

Jason’s talent in the technology field is highly regarded, making him an exceptional presenter for a wide range of audiences. He delivers custom-tailored and highly engaging talks for event audiences both large and intimate. As a thought leader in his field, he speaks about AI, Blockchain, the Future of Work, ChatGPT, Energy, Health Tech, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Scientific Discoveries.

As an entrepreneur, Jason founded a technology product consultancy with a focus on content ideation and creation. During the pandemic he authored and directed the online video course, Talk, which now includes in-person workshops, aimed at honing public speaking proficiency, enhancing personal confidence, and refining business communication skills for company leaders and professionals.

Jason’s commitment to making technology accessible and exciting has led him to speak at numerous conferences, collaborate with prestigious educational organisations, and inspire countless individuals to explore the world of technology.

He has written extensively for technology and computer magazines throughout his career. Jason has also written books both fiction and non-fiction, served as a judge at the BAFTA Video Games and the Young Engineers of the Year awards, and holds a variety of gadget-related world-records.

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