Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury

Gadget Show Host


The Gadget Show host is obsessed with all things technology and web related. He has written, presented and produced shows for the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 and his infectious enthusiasm has seen him construct a hoverboard, a mind-reading device and a phone glove. He offers an insight into the world’s leading tech companies and universities, and can illustrate his presentations with incredible inventions from holograms and robots.


Jason Bradbury is best known as the host of The Gadget Show, both in the UK and US. He has also worked as a presenter and producer on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. Away from the studio he also a lecturers on the University of Lincoln’s Computer Science and Product Design courses.

With huge enthusiasm, a constant flow of ideas, and a love of performance (that belies his days as a stand-up comedian working with David Walliams) Jason takes a whirlwind tour of the history of technology, how we got to where we are, how the pace of change is increasing, and where we might be in years to come. He explores themes such as the exponential advance in digital technology and how computers will be so integral to the world around us they will cease to be seen as an object in themselves. Having visited some of the companies and campuses at the cutting edge, he reveals who is changing the world and how.

As well as being a student of all things tech, Jason also builds things, from hoverboards to robots to mind-reading devices and frequently illustrates his presentations with them, surprising and engaging audiences as well making them think. He combines a breathless passion for technology and the future with genuine insight and understanding of where the latest developments might come from and how they work.

Jason has written extensively for technology and computer magazines throughout his career. He has also written books both fiction and non-fiction, has served as a judge at the BAFTA Video Games and the Young Engineers of the Year awards, and holds a variety of gadget-related world-records.

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