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Facebook's Marketing Director for six years, Randi helped to expand the social media giant from niche service to global network leading developments including Facebook Live. Particularly active in working to widen access to the digital world and STEM learning, her projects have run from children’s books to restaurant businesses to radio shows. She shares insights and real-world scenarios of how social media has changed the world, how to deal with it, and why inclusivity is vital to future success.

Having grown Unruly from an idea charting the popularity of viral videos to a global online video advertising company sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for over £100m, Sarah has been perfectly positioned to see the rise of the UK tech sector. She also considers the power of online brand and marketing, what companies often misunderstand about the medium, as well as the future of the digital world.

David learned about retail as a Tesco buyer, before leading their expansion in underdeveloped markets in Eastern Europe and moving to Walmart in the US. Lured back to England, he took over at Halford’s as recession took hold – growing it against the trend. He quadrupled online sales before taking charge of the pizza delivery giant in Europe. In presentations David examines the lessons for supply chain collaboration, productivity across different regions, trying out new concepts and customercentricity in all channels.

Looking at some of the most disruptive elements in business today, Jonathan examines the effects of social media and the collaborative (or sharing) economy. His work at shipping giant Maersk won acclaim and awards, taking social media to an industry reluctant to embrace its power to tell stories and share vital, up-to-the-minute information. Now he helps businesses understand the power of social media both positive and negative, as well as how companies from Uber to Kickstarter are changing the world.

As Richard Branson’s right hand man, Will took the space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic, from a vague dream to a project with real spacecraft and its own spaceport. Now involved in businesses from communication to tech to cutting-edge transport systems, including as a long-term non-exec with online estate agents Purplebricks, Will also considers brand, disruption and innovation in a world of fast-changing technology and increasing customer expectations.

Matt’s design and website work led him to the realisation that many organisations overlook what should be their main focus: what does our customer actually want from us. In his acclaimed book The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences and in presentations, Matt looks at the simple, practical ways to revolutionise a business.

After working on a range of early AI applications, William founded True Knowledge, a company focused on creating practical applications for AI systems. The company became Evi, created a popular and truly pioneering voice assistant app, and was bought by Amazon to provide much of the AI for their Alexa home assistant device. As well as explaining just what AI is, how it works and its prospects, William considers how it can change the world, its capabilities and practical applications.

With notonthehighstreet.com Holly and Sophie Cornish helped reinvent how small businesses operate online, offering them a platform as well as marketing and business support. Holly has gone on to be the government’s Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses and to found a new company helping startups. She considers both the world of online retail and entrepreneurship, but also the new workplace where companies foster personal as well as professional priorities.

Starting his web design business aged just 11, Ben was running a company by the time he was studying for his GCSEs. Before he was 18 he was running a fully fledged online, branding and social media consultancy and was feted as the future of British business. Having exited his first business and started to build his second, he provide insights in to the social media landscape (he’s roughly the same age as Google) and the future of business. He also considers what’s new, what’s fading from popularity, and who’s using what platform.

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