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The former Animal Hospital presenter also co-hosts Anglia’s Sunday Morning with her husband Mike.

The BBC’s West of England business correspondent covers news stories from airport expansion to high street issues and personal finance.

Not only was The Guardian’s Associate Editor once involved in a physical brush with the PM’s press secretary, he’s also engaged in ‘light sabre fighting’ with a Cabinet Minister. Despite this he feels more at home with the verbal insult - as in his programme Savaged By A Dead Sheep.

The first lady of Good Morning Ulster has hosted news, a community based series and phone-in, as well as Inside Business.

The former BBC newsman is now a media trainer and moderator, with particular expertise in the housing sector.

Adam has graduated from sports to business and personal finance, via a spell as Comms Director for the BOA.

Sameena is the lead news presenter covering the East and West Midlands. She’s also made films for Inside Out, and interviewed Prince Philip.

Faye has presented morning bulletins for ITN and Sky’s rolling news, as well as gardening and holiday strands for the independent network.

Anna produced business reports and edited The China Economic Review before becoming an anchor at the BBC and now Sky.

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