Simon  Pierro (Germany)

Simon Pierro (Germany)

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The Digital Magician

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Simon combines technology and magic to create twenty-first century illusions. He mixes the real world and the digital both in a stage show and close-up, pouring water from an iPad screen image of a glass into a real jug resting on stage. He is winner of Magician of the Year.


Simon Pierro is an innovative magician combining digital technology, particularly iPads, with traditional magic and sleight of hand to create truly spectacular illusions, both on-stage and close up.

Based around illusions which see the outside world interacting with the digital in a way that appears impossible, audiences are amazed as Simon pours real liquid from the image of a glass on an iPad, and takes an image and drags it out into the real world as a card. Simon has an array of tricks that will surprise, delight, and leave people desperate to figure out how they’re done.

A prize winner at the World Championship of Magic and Magician of the Year, as well as an incredible performer, Simon also speaks; on innovation and thinking differently, probably accompanied by a few tricks.

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