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Rose McGowan

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Actor & Campaigner

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As an actor, Rose worked on films by the likes of Brian de Palma, Quentin Tarantino and Wes Craven, and starred in one of the biggest TV shows of the early-2000s in Charmed. Despite a successful Hollywood career, her experiences of abuse and the indifference of the industry saw her become a leader of the #MeToo movement. She discusses equality, activism, and challenging abuses of power.


Rose McGowan is an actress, director, writer and campaigner who is perhaps best known for her role in the #MeToo movement. Rose became an agent of cultural change, transforming the dialogue around sexual assault and challenging the power structures within Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

In her memoir Brave, Rose recounts an extraordinary life, from being raised as a child in a religious cult, to an A-list acting career and an industry where the abuses of power and excesses of the likes of Harvey Weinstein were overlooked. She draws fascinating parallels between the two experiences, and goes on to explain her personal ordeal, her role in the #MeToo movement and the impact it had on Hollywood. On the speaking platform, Rose dissects what it means to stand up for your beliefs, and persevere for justice and equality. She examines cultures of shame, how to be an activist and how to generate movements that create societal change.

Her acting career has seen Rose star in the one of the longest-running and most popular female-led TV shows, Charmed, as well as films that saw her work with directors including Brian de Palma, Quentin Tarantino and Wes Craven. Her work has also extended into directing, with the film Dawn. Rose has been named Time Magazine Person the Year and GQ Inspiration of the Year.

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