Dr Ronx Ikharia

Dr Ronx Ikharia

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A&E Doctor and TV Presenter 

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Dr. Ronx is a doctor specialised in emergency medicine. They have appeared on BBC programmes such as Operation Ouch! and The Unshockable Dr. Ronx. They were inspired to become a doctor after watching the show ER at age twelve.


Dr Ronx Ikharia is an emergency medicine. They describe themself as a queer, black, androgynous intersectional feminist.

Ronx self-funded their way through Medical School after leaving home in their teenage years. During this time, they worked part time in retail, fashion modelled, and danced in music videos to sustain their progression through medical school. Ronx graduated from Kings College Medical School. Their desire to train as an A&E doctor began after foundation training and then they took a year out before speciality training to work as an Expedition Field Medic in India. On returning to the UK, they began their A&E career and didn’t look back.

When giving a talk, Dr Ronx was spotted by a TV commissioner and went on to film their first children’s TV presenting job, Operation Ouch on CBBC. They went on to work on the BBC3 programme The Unshockable Dr Ronx and presented the highly acclaimed Channel 4 investigative documentary Is Covid Racist? which looked at why Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic NHS workers have been hit harder by Covid-19. They also presented The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System on BBC One, which looked at how we can defend ourselves against Covid-19. Ronx also presented the Channel 4 documentary, Are Women the Fitter Sex?, asking why more men than women were affected by Covid-19.

Ronx shares their unique story to help motivate and inspire young people from similar backgrounds. Their motto is “You cannot be, what you do not see”.

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