Rajat Paharia (US)

Rajat Paharia (US)

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Gamification Pioneer

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Rajat is author of the bestselling Loyalty 3.0 and a pioneer of ‘gamification’: applying the mechanics of game-playing to other contexts. It uses our tendency to compete, rather than monetary inducements, to influence behaviour in everything from productivity to road safety. Achievement is measured in points or virtual badges. Rajat’s work is now used throughout the digital space; he offers ten tips to help maintain enthusiasm and amplify consumer behaviour.


Rajat Paharia is widely recognised as a pioneer of gamification, the concept of using game-playing mechanics in other contexts, which has seen applications in everything from road safety to physical fitness.

As Chief Product Officer at Bunchball, a business founded by Rajat and backed by Adobe, he is often cited as creator of the gamification industry, originally working closely with broadcast media businesses to encourage engagement with their online communities. He has since gone on to marry technology, design and strategy with companies including Toyota, Mattel, T-Mobile, VMware, ESPN, BOX Technologies and Kimberly Clark.

Gamification uses individuals’ and groups’ tendencies towards competition and personal achievement, rather than financial or material inducements, to influence behaviour. Measures of achievement are as simple as points or virtual badges; the sort of thing familiar in video and computer gaming but applied to other areas. Rajat’s work has seen gamification become common in marketing and social media. However the concept has been applied to areas as diverse as employee productivity with RedCritter Tracker, mental and manual dexterity with Guitar Hero and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, and products such as Nike FuelBand to encourage fitness.

Rajat is the author of
Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement with Big Data and Gamification, and is an expert in the new world of engagement, motivation and loyalty. Before founding Bunchball Rajat worked in technology design at IDEO, Philips Consumer Electronics and IBM Research.

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