Dr Patrick Dixon

Dr Patrick Dixon

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By looking at the unexpected sources of risk, and challenging organisations to look beyond the immediate future of their own sector, Patrick helps develop truly robust strategies using research and data from every aspect of business, science, society and beyond. Described by The Wall Street Journal as a 'global change guru', Patrick has moved from his early medical career to working with Fortune 500 companies and writing books including The Future of Almost Everything - a look at a future of boom and busts, opportunities and threats, the growth of developing economies, scientific breakthroughs, and no immediate end to the political and social disruption of recent years.


Dr Patrick Dixon is a futurist, business thinker and writer. He examines trends in a range of areas and within every sector from banking to food and drink, marketing to green tech, retail to telecoms, and in particular healthcare. He considers the effects of AI on industries and workforces, the impact of science on society, the effects of climate change, and factors from politics to ethics to economics.

Patrick’s approach is that looking a few years into the future should already be accounted for in today’s strategy. To build a robust business, leaders need to be looking much further ahead and to a wider range of potential influences and challenges. He also tackles strategy according to the nature and size of the organisation; ‘the larger the corporation, the greater the risk that you are flying blind’.

Regarded as an international authority on global trends and one of the most influential business thinkers working today, Patrick specialises in making the most complex and nuanced ideas accessible and relevant. Working with a vast array of data and original research he engages and motivates and examines the nature of change.

A graduate in medical sciences at King’s College, Cambridge, Patrick continued his training at The Charing Cross Hospital. During this time he launched Medicom, a pioneering medical software solutions company. After qualifying as a doctor he cared for cancer patients, and then went on to specialise in the care and treatment of those with Aids. He also published his first book, The Truth About Aids, which challenged preconceptions and predicted the unfolding catastrophe that would go on to swept through Africa.

Broadening his perspective, Patrick founded Global Change, an organisation that advises and conducts tailor-made research for some of the world’s biggest companies. He considers wide-ranging strategies and trends from the future of technology to demographic changes, biotech to emerging economies, global politics to the reputation of business.

The Wall Street Journal described Patrick as a 'global change guru'. In his book The Future of Almost Everything, he suggests the future will be Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical and Ethical - a future of boom and bust and great opportunities and great threats; the growth of developing economies, scientific breakthroughs and global epidemics, and no immediate end to the political and social disruption witnessed in recent years. He has published over a dozen books, including Building A Better Business, looking at what the future holds for marketing and management, and Sustainagility, examining how innovation will protect businesses and the world.

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