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After training in medicine Michael moved into TV to work on Troubleshooter and produce science series with John Cleese and Robert Winston. Since then he has become best known as a presenter – and author of the million-selling 5:2 Fast Diet and Fast Exercise. He fronts Trust Me I’m A Doctor, reports for The One Show and produces Horizon films. In presentations he ranges from infectious diseases to optimism, via a potted history of pharmaceuticals and the power of inventions.


Michael Mosley is a BBC science presenter, writer and executive producer. He is the writer and presenter of BBC2's acclaimed The Story of Science, and is also the face of science and medicine on The One Show.

After training as a doctor at the Royal Free in London, Michael decided to switch course and join the BBC. He initially worked behind the scenes on Newsnight, Tomorrow’s World, Horizon and the popular business series Troubleshooter.

Michael has since produced a wide range of science-based programmes including the The Human Face with John Cleese, three series with Professor Robert Winston, and Jeremy Clarkson’s Inventions That Changed The World. He also helped launch Alan Yentob’s presenting career with an acclaimed appraisal of Leonardo da Vinci.

In front of camera, Michael has presented Make Me and 10 Things You Never Knew about Losing Weight - as well as the BBC2 surgery series Blood and Guts. He’s also fronted other BBC shows including Medical Mavericks looking at those behind the great developments in medicine, Inside the Human Body examining all the workings of the body, and Frontline Medicine highlighting the innovative and vital link between warfare and medicine. For Radio 4 he wrote and presented The Making of Modern Medicine.

Michael’s programmes on exercise (The Truth About Exercise) and diet (Eat, Fast & Live Longer - which led to the hugely popular 5:2 diet) have produced much popular and media discussion as he examined the benefits of short, high-intensity exercise and fasting for two days a week.

He has received a host of BAFTA and Emmy nominations, and been named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.

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Michael’s tricky to pigeon-hole because he has so many strings to his bow, from popular science and technological innovation to NHS reforms. I always enjoy working with him – he takes the time to understand the background and really gets involved with the client. Michael even based one of his TV shows on an idea that stemmed from an event, so it’s clearly mutually beneficial! JLA Agent Emily Collier

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