Kevin Eyres (US)

Kevin Eyres (US)

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Former MD Europe, LinkedIn

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Kevin led European growth strategy at the world’s leading business-focused social network, which now has 175 million subscribers across 200 territories. His own background in high-tech runs from start-ups to large multi-cultural companies. Kevin explores what drives hyper-growth digital performers, and how to gain online advantage. He looks at the lessons of disruption and dealing with change. He also considers how best to attract and develop savvy talent – probably the most important differentiator of all.


Kevin Eyres was Managing Director Europe at LinkedIn - focused on developing, leading and delivering LinkedIn's strategy and growth across the region. He has been a key figure in leading and advising on growth for a range of tech businesses and now specialises in growth and hyper-growth, as well as disruption, strategy and broader social media areas.

With over two decades experience in the tech sector, Kevin has been European MD at SideStep (later Kayak - the travel search engine), General Manager of AltaVista and a Director at He started out as an engineer at Compaq Computers, during their hyper-growth phase.

Under his stewardship Kevin led LinkedIn in Europe to 100% year-on-year growth and a presence across the continent. At AltaVista he moved the business in to 12 new territories whilst at SideStep he led global expansion strategy.

Kevin considers what the new breed of tech businesses has to teach others, from trying to emulate them, to weighing up the threats and opportunities. He considers how markets and industries are being disrupted, and how successful disruption leads to hyper-growth and how that is achieved and managed.

More broadly Kevin looks at how change within an organisation can be made sustainable, inclusive, and ingrained, keeping it going beyond the initial excitement. He addresses how to motivate teams in the face of fundamental shifts to their sector and
extols the virtues of working together to achieve big goals. Well versed in multi-cultural companies doing business throughout Europe and Asia, his speech themes include strategy, leadership and consumer marketing as well as examples from the businesses he’s led.

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Kevin Eyres