Major General Jonathan Shaw CB CBE

Major General Jonathan Shaw CB CBE

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First Head of Cybersecurity, British Army

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After commanding multi-national troops in Kosovo and Iraq, Jonathan moved to the MoD and assumed responsibility for UK cybersecurity. In presentations he separates threats from hype, shows how human error is the main area of weakness and explains how to embed the necessary behavioural changes. He also explores the part cyber plays in the politics of power and describes an armed forces model of leadership that’s far more progressive than many imagine.


Major General Jonathan Shaw served on the front-line in the British Army for three decades before moving to Whitehall and the MoD. He has led everything from disaster relief efforts to counter terrorism, and became the first military officer charged with leading the UK’s cyber defences.

Jonathan started out in the Falklands as platoon commander within the Parachute Regiment. He went on to see operational experience in Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan before commanding a multinational division in Iraq. At the MoD he was responsible for operational planning and policy prior to his appointment as Chief of Staff for UK Land Forces and International Security Policy.

Jonathan shares lessons on leading in extreme circumstances, including the communication skills needed to empower the team rather than dictate to them. He separates cybersecurity threats from hype. And he guides corporate audiences through the behavioural changes that must be made to stay protected: people are the Achilles heel of any security system.

In presentations Jonathan can also offer rare insights into geopolitical developments from Russia to the US, from peace treaties to terrorism. From the perspective of cyber defence, he paints a new political picture – one that sees digital as a power to rival any commercial, cultural and military activity.

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