Jeremy Dale

Jeremy Dale

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Former Microsoft, Motorola, Orange Exec

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In a career that has included leading creative and marketing for some of the world’s biggest consumer technology brands, Jeremy has many valuable lessons in leadership and change. His book The Punk Rock of Business explores how those companies seeking to be genuinely different need to operate. Looking at elements such as mission, agility and risk, and with entertaining and illustrative examples, he considers the importance of constantly unlearning and relearning, of never saying no, and of empowering teams with a positive, growth-focused vision.


Jeremy Dale is a marketing and business executive with a formidable track record of leading pioneering, influential brands and products to becoming household names. From his time with the likes of Microsoft, Motorola and Orange, he also considers the culture, attitudes and leadership that have enabled, and sometimes blocked, innovation and originality. Underpinning all of his ideas is transformation – whether that through digitalisation, innovation, or through greater engagement with customers or colleagues.

Working primarily in technology and telecoms, Jeremy’s career saw him launch the original Pokémon in the UK when he was at Nintendo, lead the long-running Orange Wednesdays cinema campaign, and rebrand the early digital broadcaster ITV Digital. He joined Motorola when they dominated the mobile handset market, and Microsoft as they moved into the gaming arena. Throughout he has empowered his teams to be creative, risk-taking and transformative.

Jeremy’s book, The Punk Rock of Business: Applying a Punk Rock Attitude in the Modern Business Era, breaks down how those businesses seeking to be genuinely different need to operate. Looking at elements such as mission, agility and risk, his eight key factors are illustrated by a dozen engaging, illustrative and often entertaining stories. He looks at how he was able to push against what was Microsoft’s restrictive, formal culture when launching the Xbox. And he contrasts what was a hierarchical, rules-based organisation with the modern, human, learning-focused business it is today. Whilst his time at Motorola working on the hugely popular RAZR phone coincided with the company’s partnership with the (RED) charity project; a project that saw him having to open a (RED) branded store in under two weeks on Chicago’s most affluent shopping street at the request of Bono (who also inspired the title of Jeremy’s book).

From being willing to put your reputation on the line to being able to constantly unlearn and relearn to never saying no, Jeremy examines what makes the best businesses exceptional. He covers how organisation can realise agility and purpose beyond just words and good intentions, and the importance of authentic leadership, iterative change, and a positive vision.

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