JB Straubel (US)

JB Straubel (US)

CTO, Tesla Inc.


Leading all technical and engineering aspects of Tesla, JB oversees everything from software to battery and charging technologies at the cutting-edge car company. His lifelong passion for electric vehicles has seen him cited as one of the most innovative business and engineering leaders in the world.


JB Straubel one of the co-founders of Tesla, and serves as the comapny’s Chief Technical Officer. He leads developments in all areas of engineering, software and power at the cutting-edge electric car company.

Frequently cited as one of the most innovative companies operating in any sector in the world, Tesla have revolutionised the car industry and, perhaps more significantly, power and battery technologies. JB oversees areas including Tesla Energy, the division of the company responsible for developments in commercial and domestic energy storage. He’s also responsible for the company’s super-fast charging technologies, as well as overall R&D, supplier and partner relations.

JB’s interest in electric vehicles goes back to his teenage years when at 14 he rebuilt a golf cart. At university he rebuilt a Porsche 944 converting it to electric power and claiming the world EV racing record with the car. Whilst at college he built a solar racing car and a hybrid trailer system. He has gone on to hold over 30 patents, including those covering most areas of Telsa’s innovative battery, motor and controls systems.

Outside Tesla, JB has served on the board of the leading US domestic solar power company Solar City, co-founded circular economy startup Redwood Materials, and lectured in engineering and energy storage at Stanford. He has been named in the MIT Technology Review as their top ‘35 Innovators Under 35’ and by Fortune as second in their ‘40 under 40 most influential business and innovation leaders’ list.

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