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James Taylor

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Creativity, Innovation & Growth

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An authority on creativity, innovation and marketing, James has gone from managing music superstars to establishing 20 online schools to advising corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, writers and educators on how to build innovative organisations and realise the creative potential of their people.


James Taylor is an entrepreneur and thought-leader in the area of business and creativity. Over two decades he’s worked with business leaders, educators, musicians and writers on techniques and strategies to build innovative organisations and embed creative habits.

From Grammy winners to Silicon Valley giants to those starting out in business or a creative career, James has advised a wide range of groups and individuals. He is the host of The Creative Life podcast and has produced books, online courses and videos. Throughout his work, James encourages the idea that creativity is something everyone possesses, the key is knowing how to release it and use it. It’s also widely misunderstood, but by considering the core values everyone holds and the vision they want to achieve, creativity can come to the fore and add passion, value and a distinctive edge to their work, regardless of whether it’s generally considered to be ‘creative’.

James is the founder of C.School, an online platform and community offering business coaching to creative leaders which also sees him interview some of the highest-profile names in business, technology and culture. Before devoting his time to enabling others to realise their creative potential, James’ P3 Music business brought together the creative and business sides of music, combining artist management, publishing and recording, with training for musicians and managers.

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