James Lyne

James Lyne

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Global Head of Security Research, Sophos

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James started working on government security when he was a teenager. TechWeek Europe now proclaims ‘he may be the industry’s first megastar’ - consulting on strategy and severe incidents across the globe. In presentations James details investigations, highlights threats and reveals the realities of hacking, malware, trojans, phishing and denial of service. He also gives a live demonstration, ensuring delegates come away better informed about a very real danger.


James Lyne is the Global Head of Security Research at the software and hardware security firm Sophos. He has become one of the leading public voices on cybersecurity and related areas.

Confessing to being a ‘massive geek', James encompasses a whole range of expertise in the areas of technology and security with technical knowledge spanning forensics to offensive security. A prodigious computer science talent, he started working on government security projects whilst still a teenager. He has gone on to work with organisations around the world on security strategy, handled numerous severe incidents, and is a frequent security industry advisor. He is also an instructor at the SANS Institute, the international leaders in cybersecurity training.

James recounts investigations, highlights threats, and reveals the realities of hacking, malware, trojans, phishing, denial of service and the host of areas that are an increasing part of life in business and for individuals. He examines the latest threats and how attackers are changing their approaches. He points out that being adept at using technology isn’t always the same as using it securely and considers the role of the user in making systems more secure, as well as broader strategies.

With a balance between describing the terrifying threats and making light of the tech world, James is passionate about tackling one of the biggest problems of security: making it accessible and interesting to those outside the industry. He outlines simple best practice and provides live demonstrations of how hacking works.

Described by Tech Week Europe as perhaps “the industry’s first ever mega-star”, James is a frequent spokesperson for the cybersecurity industry and regularly participates in initiatives and conferences to further understanding, learning and innovation. An energetic, engaging speaker he combines an in-depth technical knowledge with the ability to explain complex concepts in everyday language. It’s a skill that has made him a popular TED speaker and a regular commentator on security issues in the US and UK on the BBC, Sky, CNN and NBC. He’s also a frequent writer for Forbes magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

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