Hannah Tucker

Hannah Tucker

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Sustainability Expert & Business Leader

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Hannah's independent research lays the groundwork to her compelling explanation of how the human species foraged, farmed and fished its way to the modern agricultural systems we depend on today. As an expert on sustainability and ESG, she is apt to explain how changes in the natural world threaten our outdated and corrosive methods of producing and consuming, and what investors can do to reverse the damage.


Hannah Tucker notably worked with Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, with whom she made the case for sustainable investment at Generation Investment Management. Ever since then, her independent research into the disruptive changes reshaping our world has shed new light on how businesses can harness technology for a more sustainable planet.

Hannah runs her own sustainability advisory business, Balance Point Ventures. She is also the founder of Disruption Dinner, an immersive culinary experience that takes business audiences through the evolution of our food systems one course at a time, served up by her team of chefs. 

Prior to working at Generation Investment Management, Hannah worked as Vice President at investment management firm PIMCO. Having spent time here understanding how ESG standards can be integrated into the firm’s asset portfolio, Hannah is able to speak directly to leaders concerned with impact at the bottom line.

Hannah has significant experience delivering talks at large summits as well as giving interactive presentations to small private rooms. Her talks thread together multiple elements of the ESG debate, making clear how power at the economic and political level influences sustainability at the level of transport and agricultural supply chains.

Her aim is to provide business leaders with a holistic framework with which to take the first steps to making lasting and scientific sustainable impact.

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