Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer

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US Diplomatic Editor, Financial Times

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The FT’s former Beijing reporter is now stationed in Washington, making him ideally placed to assess the contest between the two superpowers. While China will become the bigger economy, possibly within the next ten years, Geoff argues that it’s destined to fail. Even with Western IP, a rival to CNN and a big drive to make the Renminbi a new global currency, China has only two allies while the US has 90. Dictatorships will never be attractive to the rest of the world.


Geoff Dyer was the Financial Times’ China Bureau Chief. Prior to that he served as the paper’s Shanghai correspondent and before that as the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology correspondent, Brazil correspondent and a companies reporter. He is now based in Washington DC as the FT's US Diplomatic Editor.

Geoff speaks vividly about how development is spreading inland from the coast to central China in a way that could herald another decade of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, but which could also end up in a dangerous bubble.

Examining all aspects of the Chinese economy and its growth, Geoff discusses how China is effectively building half a dozen Chicagos in its equivalent of the mid-west. These cities have become the main diving force for the economy. This coupled with the way that China has been forging new and powerful economic relationships with other parts of the developing world, from Asia to Latin America, and trying to reduce its dependency on the US and Europe. He looks at where this will go, and how it will affect global economies and markets.

Geoff also touches on both Chinese economic trends and also broader geopolitical and policy themes. These are the themes will also feature in Geoff’s new book, currently being written.

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