Claudia Olsson (Sweden)

Claudia Olsson (Sweden)

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Exponential Technologies Expert

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From AI to synthetic biology to blockchain, new technologies that are subject to exponential increases in capacity, speed, and influence have the potential to disrupt but also to improve businesses, government, and individual lives. Claudia, co-founder and CEO of Exponential AB and named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum explores the effects of the latest developments and the impact of unprecedented rates of change.


Claudia Olsson is a consultant and expert specialising in how digital could transform the world, and the effects of rapid change. She is the founder and CEO of Exponential AB, a global consultancy providing strategic advice, analysis and professional development related to digital transformation and exponential change.

Exponential technologies – such as AI, robotics, biotech – are all subject to exponential growth due to rapid increases in the speed and capacity of the components underpinning them. This in turn leads to unique challenges for businesses working in those areas, as well as those in sectors likely to be disrupted by them. She looks at everything from how companies in the future will recruit talent to how the blockchain will be used in transport and education.

Examining these technologies, broader trends, as well as leadership and governance, Claudia delivers wide-ranging insights for businesses seeking to develop strategies. She provides both the background and examples of best practise to help organisations deal with digital transformation and leadership. She has travelled all over the world to centres of cutting-edge research from Silicon Valley to Singapore meeting those behind the latest breakthroughs. Her work focuses on the impact of new technologies on society, healthcare, individuals and markets from the importance to decentralising organisations to the future of skills and jobs. As well as the commercial and political implications she also addresses how global challenges can be tackled with smart solutions in government and business.

Named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Claudia wrote the Sweden 2030 future scenario for the Swedish government’s Digitalisation Commission. The report focuses on the building of a digital, integrated, smart and competitive society in her home nation. She also co-wrote the Blockchain-Decentralised Trust report for the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum examining the rise of cryptocurrencies, the political, regulatory, economic and commercial implications.

Internationally Claudia is part of the Faculty Roster at the Singularity University, and has worked for the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). She set up and managed the policy think-tank ACCESS Health International in Singapore following her work for ACCESS in India. At home she was a Senior Advisor to the Office of Strategic Analysis at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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