Alain Robert (Indonesia)

Alain Robert (Indonesia)

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Urban Free-Climber

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Alain has climbed dozens of skyscrapers around the world, watched by thousands of spectators. Despite vertigo, he doesn’t use ropes. After ascents in Europe and Asia, Alain’s story become a 3D feature film: The Web Of Life. Speaking either in English or French, he emphasises the importance of unbreakable concentration and an extraordinary degree of self-confidence: “Climbing tall buildings seems impossible until you make it possible.”


One of the world’s leading solo climbers, Alain Robert, also known as the “French Spiderman” has developed a whole new sport: urban climbing. So far he has ascended more than 100 skyscrapers across the world, including the world’s tallest buildings.

In spite of suffering from vertigo, Alain chose to continue his dream and live for his passion - with no rope for protection. He has since won several awards and attracts huge media attention for every challenge. 100,000 spectators watched him scale the National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

He has been included in the Top 100 Greatest Athletes of All Time. In China they have erected a larger than life bronze statue in honour of him.

Alain recounts his experiences in French or English, with remarkable footage. He describes the mindset, the need for unbreakable concentration and the extraordinary route to self-confidence: ‘Climbing buildings with your bare hands seemed impossible, but the impossible remains until you make it possible.’

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