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David Meade

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By day David lectures in business at Ulster University. By night he mixes his interest in consumer behaviour and psychology with mindreading, telling audiences exactly what they’re thinking. David’s also a regular on The One Show and This Morning – with a project in development with a major US network.


David is a researcher and lecturer in international business at the University of Ulster. Combining his interest in mind-reading and mentalism with his academic interests of popular psychology and consumer behaviour, David draws inspiration from many sources and day to day observations for his presentations.

By linking these professional and personal interests, David has become a much sought after, speaker with a reputation for an innovative style that encourages audiences to think critically about the challenges around them. He tackles a wide range of business subjects where psychology and behaviour play a key part such as customer relations, leadership, communication, culture and creativity.

As well as keynote addresses on business, David also performs on stage as a ‘mind reader’ using skills in human behaviour and suggestion to tell people what they’re thinking. David is a regular face on both the One Show and This Morning, and has recently agreed to develop his own US television project for a major US Network.

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