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As well as serving under George Bush Sr, Todd has headed a $15bn hedge fund, lectured on economics at Harvard and co-produced a Broadway hit. He has also written about global upheaval in Market Shock. Todd looks at macro and geopolitical issues, like the crisis in Syria, and the impact they have on financial markets and business strategy.

Combining appointments at Oxford, Stanford and Harvard, Niall is seen as the world’s most influential economic historian. He suggests what we can learn from the past about the vexed relationship between finance and politics, the strengths and limitations of global power – and the case for radical institutional reforms. In speeches he also considers the scramble for commodities, how large companies rise and fall and whether or not this is the Chinese century.

Bob has inspired hundreds of projects across Africa and ensures it remains on the political agenda and in the public consciousness. In a rousing speech on social responsibility, Bob reminds us that we are all defined by what we do, not what we say. This isn’t confined to philanthropy. He might also confess to some pride at the thought of becoming the first Irishman (and the first genuine rock star) in space.

Ian served as Vice President at the World Bank, CEO of South Africa’s Development Bank and advisor to Nelson Mandela before taking over the helm of the Oxford powerhouse – which spans everything from economics to stem cell research. Ian’s own expertise extends from the systemic risks of globalisation and future technologies, to migration. He believes that global shocks like the financial crisis will become an endemic feature of the next decade.

Robert’s reported from 90 countries, and lived in six. He has also served as Business Editor, US Editor and Africa Editor of the respected weekly news magazine. He's published The Shackled Continent, exploring how Africa could grow rich, and Borderless Economics, a look at what the world gains from migration. Robert speaks about the interdependancy of global politics and business, the fragility of supply chains, and how American technology affects Indian politics.

Gerard Lyons is the former Chief Economist at Standard Chartered Bank. He’s advised Boris Johnson as Mayor of London on economic issues both local, national and international and been a leading pro-Brexit economic voice. With an insight into policy as well as economics and markets, Gerard delivers entertaining and enlightening analyses of the global and UK prospects, the positives and the negatives, the developing economies and why the Chinese economy is like Cinderella, Goldilocks and Superman.

As Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, Jim was responsible for making projects like the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ viable. He then led the review into the global threat of antimicrobial resistant viruses. Previously he served as the acclaimed chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and as their Chief Economist. In 2001 he predicted that the then G7 countries would no longer be the drivers of the world economy; coining the ‘BRICs’ acronym, he argued that globalisation would bring a new era. He considers what makes an economy thrive, whether at home or on a global scale, and the outlook for the future of business.

A leading authority on international politics and relations, particulary involving China, Africa and the West, Stephen advises governments, businesses and NGOs around the world. He's advised the Foreign Office, and worked with the State Council of the Chinese Prime Minister. He served as a member of the Africa-China-US Trilateral Dialogue to establish trading rules and is widely credited with greatly contributing to the understanding of international politics in general, and African politics in particular.

Since revealing the illusions behind the crash and its ramifications in Paper Promises, Philip has published a new edition of Money Machine – with an overview of the London markets. At The Economist he examines the trends and mysteries of the modern office and management, from new ideas of leadership to the latest business buzzwords. He also considers the outlook for business by examining the policies, markets, culture and innovations that impact all sectors.

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