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After growing a fruit and veg stall into a successful restaurant supplier business Gregg went from Radio 4’s Veg Talk to one of the biggest shows on TV in MasterChef. Passionate about people knowing what food to buy rather than where they buy it from he’s also the co-host of Eat Well for Less? After dinner he reveals what happens when the MasterChef cameras are off (all the crew carry their own cutlery) and what questions about the show he’s asked the most.


Gregg Wallace is the co-presenter of MasterChef. Previously a fruit and vegetable supplier to restaurants around London, Gregg first met co-presenter John Torode when the latter worked at Quaglino’s.

Having started out with a veg stall at Covent Garden market, Gregg built his business up into George Allan’s Greengrocers, a multimillion pound supplier with over 500 restaurant clients. His success saw him branch out into the media, hosting Radio 4’s Veg Talk. He also presented Saturday Kitchen, Veg Out, and Follow That Tomato which won a Royal Television Society award.

Gregg was then asked to co-host the revamped MasterChef programme. The show, in all three of its incarnations, has gone on to be one of the most popular shows on British TV. With versions in over 25 countries it has been described as the world’s biggest food programme. A passionate advocate of better access to, and knowledge of good food and cooking rather than concerns like origin, Gregg co-hosts Eat Well for Less? He’s also fronted Supermarket Shopping Secrets and Inside the Factory: How Our Favourite Foods Are Made.

Taking a light-hearted look at British eating and dining habits Gregg pokes fun at idiosyncrasies from refrigerated sandwiches to pretentious wine waiters. Down-to-earth and chatty, he reveals what goes on behind the MasterChef scenes, the best and worst of the celebrity contestants, and the three questions he’s always asked about the show.

Along with various food and cookery shows Gregg has appeared on everything from Countdown to 8 Out Of 10 Cats and even had a brief run in Strictly. Away from the media as well as owning his own restaurant, Gregg is MD of Secrett's, an online farm shop and distributor of home grown produce to the public and restaurants. He is also the owner of Wallace & Co, a stall at the famous Borough Market, and Partridge’s on the King’s Road market.

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