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Ben Collins

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Former ‘Stig’

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After revealing himself as Top Gear’s Stig, Ben has switched to Fifth Gear. The man beneath the helmet recalls the stars that let their mask slip in the reasonably priced car. And as world record holder for driving a car on two wheels, he also tells of life as a stuntman on the Bond films.


Despite a successful career in motorsports in the UK and US, Ben is one of the most famous drivers whose face remained hidden for years. Ben was Top Gear’s The Stig.

Competing in categories including Formula Three, GT racing and stock cars, Ben also carved out a career in stunt driving, having worked on TV and film. He is the driving double for Daniel Craig in the Bond films, and for Christian Bale in the Batman films, and has worked on productions staring the likes of Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Vin Diesel.

It was as the mysterious Stig, Top Gear’s test driver and star in a reasonably priced car instructor, that Ben is now best known. Shrouded in secrecy, The Stig was finally ‘outed’ by The Sunday Times. Despite a court action, the BBC could not protect his identity. Along with his Stig duties, Ben also consulted on and drove in many other Top Gear set pieces including a football match using cars, a stunt transferring a parachuting from a plane into a car, and various team races and performance car tests.

Ben is now a presenter on Five’s Fifth Gear motoring show. He has published a book about his time on Top Gear entitled The Man in The White Suit, is a writer for Autosport magazine, and has presented Nascar coverage for Sky. He also runs a team of stunt drivers and consultants, is an advanced driving instructor, and holds a World Record for the maximum distance driving a car on two wheels.

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