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As Home Secretary David was in charge of security, immigration and policing. He is now Chairman of a multi-Academy Trust and an advisor to easyJet. As well as sharing insights on cyber-crime and crisis management, David considers how leaders can best engage with the public and counter the widespread sense of grievance. He argues for business to take a lead: “You are a part of our communities, not just employers of people with certain skills.” After dinner he takes a lighter look at a life in politics - both highs and lows – from The Queen offering to cut up his meal, to Sarkozy claiming to have intercepted his emails.

The author of Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead led some of Google’s biggest workplace projects from using analytics to improve people management to how to construct the perfect team. He examines how Google became one of the most envied employers in the world, how to attract and retain the best people, work smarter and prepare for the future.

As well as serving under George Bush Sr, Todd has headed a $15bn hedge fund, lectured on economics at Harvard and co-produced a Broadway hit. He has also written about global upheaval in Market Shock. Todd looks at macro and geopolitical issues, like the crisis in Syria, and the impact they have on financial markets and business strategy.

The former Chief Executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and also HR Director at Royal Mail, Kevin delivers challenging, practical advice on how to make the most of the often overlooked HR functions within an organisation. He looks at how to attract, retain and develop employees, how to create better leaders, get the most from millennials, and whether AI really is the threat to workers people seem to believe.

One of the UK’s leading experts on generational theory and employment Paul explains the realities behind the hype when it comes to millennial expectations of work and employment. Looking across the generations he outlines the leadership, culture and strategies required to attract and develop the best talent.

George is one of the City’s most respected voices. He explores how demographic change is affecting both the ageing West and youthful developing countries. In our case it means redrawing the line between our obligations and state entitlements – and getting to grips with income and intergenerational inequality. George argues that to avert societal and economic pressures, employers will need to hang on to talent and make us all more productive.

After 30 years at John Lewis, including ten as MD of Waitrose and three as Deputy Chairman of the group, Mark left business for government serving as a trade minister. He then compiled his experiences in his book Fairness for All, in which he makes the business and social case for companies to put their employees at the heart of what they do. He also brought together examples of excellence, as well as poor and bewildering business behaviour in his entertaining yet salutary book Workplace Fables. He is now focused on employee engagement - what it means, how to achieve it, and why it's the key to business growth and personal wellbeing.

Alongside a distinguished legal career Cass is the author of many acclaimed books examining the interplay of society, democracy and law. With economist Richard Thaler he is also the author of the global bestseller Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness, a highly influential examination of why people and groups make the choices they do, often ignoring the consequences. He has gone on to build on many of those ideas in books including How Change Happens and Conformity: The Power of Social Influences and This Is Not Normal: The Politics of Everyday Expectations.

Money Blogger of the Year and author of Spare Change, Iona has quickly established herself as the leading authority on young people and personal finance. She examines key questions such as what challenger banks and fintech businesses offer that traditional models don’t, and how do companies prepare for a future of work defined more by tasks, short-term projects and the so-called gig economy.

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