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From predicting lottery numbers to playing Russian Roulette on live television to revealing the tricks and manipulations of hoaxers, fraudsters and charlatans, Derren has combined the spectacular, the bewildering and the insightful. He reveals that how we think, and how we think we think aren't always the same. Alongside acclaimed TV and stage shows, Derren is the author of Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine and A Little Happier: Notes for Reassurance, practical and personal examinations of what happiness is, what is almost certainly isn't, and how to view our goals and lives in a more positive way.

Tape Face (formerly The Boy with Tape on His Face) uses props, sound effects and some audience members - but whatever else happens, he does not speak. The Guardian consider him ‘the last word in silent comedy.’ The hilarious New Zealander has won a Fosters Award at Edinburgh and starred in his own show on BBC3: The TapeFace Tapes, not to mention storming to the final of America’s Got Talent.

Combining forensic profiling, psychology and comedy, Colin has amazed and entertained audiences from Las Vegas to the Edinburgh Fringe, London's West End to Australia with his incredible feats of deduction that have seen him described as a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Coming to world-wide public attention on editions of Britain’s and American’s Got Talent, as well as the version in her native Ukraine, Kseniya’s unusual yet beautiful work has seen her perform at international events from sport to fashion, collaborating with orchestras, and becoming an online sensation.

The Scottish BAFTA-nominated stars of The Magicians specialise in the macabre (rather than just plucking rabbits out of hats). The tricks are dark, twisted and sometimes bloody: expect sharp knives, cheese wire and the sort of minds that turned a man into a pillar of salt for Tricks From The Bible.

With a repertoire stretching from politicians to comedians and sports stars, Josh has quickly become a hit live and online. He says he used to use his impressions to help deal with life’s little challenges, like using the voice of Daniel Radcliffe to get a date. Having seen his compilation of tennis player impressions go viral he now counts the likes of Andy Murray as fans.

It’s bingo, but with music. Guests are given cards with song titles instead of numbers, then mark off tracks as they’re played by B&S’s pioneering DJs. With a Mistress of Ceremonies holding order and dishing out silly prizes from glo-sticks to toasters, Bring & Share has been a hit everywhere from the National Theatre to Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage. Rounds can be designed especially for the event.

The innovative circus creators provide anything from real 10 foot robots, fire and cloud swinging, street dance with LED suits, web spins and tightly choreographed juggling routines. All programmes have a contemporary feel and are totally adaptable to the venue and theme.

In HBO’s Family Tree the actor-ventriloquist charmed US and UK audiences. As her puppet puts it, they’re “genre-defying.” The Mirror just call Nina ‘a genius.’ Nina’s corporate act features Monkey, Lydia, and a mask-wearing volunteer from the audience.

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