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Rob Broderick invites audience suggestions on almost any subject and instantly turn them into a funky hip-hop track. Dick & Dom’s house band has been hailed as ‘Flight of the Conchords meets 8 Mile.‘ For bigger audiences, he can work as a duo.

An award-winning comic with a well-spoken but often scathing line in put-downs, stories and observations, Tom discusses wave machines, manners, marriage and “occasional” chairs. As a presenter, Tom teases home bakers and budding entrepreneurs and rummages around our towns. 

Beardyman is a beatboxer, live looper, technologist and TED star–
 and the BBC’s official ‘King of Sound, Ruler of Beats.’ He’s also a festival (and Real Variety Show) favourite. Darren has won VMA’s Best Dance Music Video, appeared with Oprah and Ellen Degeneres, and collaborated with Groove Armada, Jack Black and Fatboy Slim.

Rob came to standup from the event industry. He’s since hosted a Saturday night game show, become a regular on panel shows including as a team captain on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, co-hosted from the jungle and won Taskmaster.

According to The Independent, the former Young Musician of the Year and Proms violinist ‘makes the music appear larger than life by sheer eagerness of personality.’ Accompanied by piano or an orchestra, Nicola captivates her audiences with a repertoire of Ravel, Bach and Gershwin.

The jocular Scot sold 400,000 tickets for his last tour. His book, We Need To Talk About Kevin Bridges, has also achieved bestseller status. In his live show Kevin muses on sport, career choices and the talents of his fellow Glaswegians. According to The Guardian ‘It’s mainstream comedy with very sharp elbows.’

The Telegraph describe Marcus as ‘a rare stand-up who makes you laugh and think.’ After hanging up his crown as King Arthur in Spamalot he’s back on Radio 4 as the friendly questioner on I’ve Never Seen Star Wars and in Radio 4’s Brig Society.

From predicting lottery numbers to playing Russian Roulette on live television to revealing the tricks and manipulations of hoaxers, fraudsters and charlatans, Derren has combined the spectacular, the bewildering and the insightful. He reveals that how we think, and how we think we think aren't always the same. Alongside acclaimed TV and stage shows, Derren is the author of Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine and A Little Happier: Notes for Reassurance, practical and personal examinations of what happiness is, what is almost certainly isn't, and how to view our goals and lives in a more positive way.

Continuing to host 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown (and its conventional comedy panel show forebear) as well as assorted Big Fat Quizzes Jimmy remains one of the best known comedians in the country. Since opting out of a career in marketing, he’s sold over a million DVDs, toured relentlessly, and was the first British comic to film a special for Netflix.

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