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Beatboxer & Musical Technologist

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Beardyman is a beatboxer, live looper, technologist and TED star–
 and the BBC’s official ‘King of Sound, Ruler of Beats.’ He’s also a festival (and Real Variety Show) favourite. Darren has won VMA’s Best Dance Music Video, appeared with Oprah and Ellen Degeneres, and collaborated with Groove Armada, Jack Black and Fatboy Slim.


Beardyman has an astounding talent for producing the sounds and rhythms of entire musical tracks using only his mouth and a mic. The champion beatboxer combines live looping (including video), vocal gymnastics, a quick wit and ready audience participation to bring any house down.

After writing a symphony at the age of ten, the young Darren (before he became Beardyman) grew obsessed with technology. This eventually led to the creation of the BEARDYTRON, a production system allowing him to improvise studio quality dance music in real time. He revealed it at a global TED conference to a standing ovation.

Since then his career has encompassed live shows with Groove Armada and Tim Minchin, collaborations with Blondie, Jack Black and Fatboy Slim, and guest appearances with Oprah and Ellen Degeneres. Beardyman is also a festival favourite from Glastonbury to Fuji Rocks and almost everything between; he’s the only artist to feature on every global YouTube festival since the channel began, clocking up 60 million views.

Beardyman has been seen and heard on shows from The Comedy Proms and Lily Allen & Friends to Radio 3. He has also recorded ads for PlayStation and Sky TV, and presented Radio 4’s Beardyman and the Mimics - exploring the natural world’s inclination to copy the sounds around it.

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Beardyman isn’t just possessed of a rare skill, he’s a truly versatile performer. He can silence a room in awe, have them tap their feet and stand to applaud all within five minutes. I've watched him evolve from gifted beatboxer into a headline star – embracing comedy and unbelievable vocal gymnastics. JLA Agent Bella Milner

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