Max McKeown

Max McKeown

Author, The Strategy Book


In his last book Max argued that we are all capable of adapting. Often described as Europe’s answer to Tom Peters, his most recent book is Good Leader, Bad Leader. Max believes every business must learn to ‘surf’ what it can’t control – and adapt its strategy. Drawing on a mix of pragmatic wisdom, acerbic wit and pop culture, he thinks “ideas are like babies: ugly to everyone but their parents. And they don’t contribute anything – yet.”


At times like these, sticking rigidly to any strategy is like King Canute trying to hold back the waves. Instead we must learn to surf what we cannot control, adjusting our strategies to suit the prevailing conditions.

Described as Europe's answer to Tom Peters, Max shows how to survive and even thrive in the recession. Old plans won't help; simply hoping for the best won't work. Combining cutting edge strategy and management science with pragmatic wisdom, wit and pop culture, he pinpoints how the most resilient leaders continue to inspire all-important, trust-filled, make-a-difference energy from their people.

Max is a compelling communicator. There are no crass “work is wonderful” pleas, no “show me the money.” He explains how to tap into potential and demonstrates that excellence always costs less than mediocrity. Presentations and workshops are based on hope, integrity and purpose as the sanest route to profit, a full night’s sleep and genuine customer friendships.

A strategic advisor for some of most admired companies in the world, Max has also been elected to the Customer Service Hall of Fame and hailed as a ‘Star of Human Resources’ by Personnel Today. His expertise spans customer experience, innovation and competitive advantage.

Max McKeown is the author of several business books. Unshrink exposes the myths that prevent people from doing their best work, providing a fresh set of principles to engage their interest and ability. Adaptability: the art of winning in an age of uncertainty is a fearless exploration of how we can create a better future through the art of innovation.

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