Jeremy Dale

Jeremy Dale

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Golf Tricks & Stories

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Jeremy was a talented right-handed golfer when he decided to turn pro. Just for fun a few years later he took a left-handed swing and found out that he was naturally ambidextrous. He’s now the best trick-shot merchant in the game. On company golf days Jeremy gives a 40 minute show and a short clinic before the round, then plays a hole with each group – inviting everyone to try a trick shot off the tee. Jeremy’s also a polished auctioneer and a very funny speaker.


Jeremy Dale is a PGA professional golfer, coach, presenter and trick shot maestro. He combines incredible use of a club and ball with entertaining stories from the course.

From juggling balls on club faces, striking moving balls and using oversized clubs to swinging with both hands or balanced on top of a large gym ball, Jeremy produces an array of scarcely believable tricks that leave audiences laughing and gasping. He can also teach guests and few moves.

As well as his tricks, Jeremy also speaks after lunch or dinner with stories from his golfing career, encounters with the stars of the game, and tales of good and bad days on the course. He also hosts golf days, prize-givings and events, and can offer more conventional golf tips and lessons.

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