Megan Greene

Megan Greene

Global Chief Economist, John Hancock/Manulife


Roubini’s former Director of European Economics is now dividing her time between London and Boston. In presentations Megan scans the globe from China, Asia, Russia, Africa and the Middle East to the States and Europe. She analyses the markets and indicators from resource ownership and currency movement to social unrest and its effect on national governments. Among the risks she also considers the consequences of sanctions and the economics of migration.


Megan Greene is Chief Economist at Manulife Asset Management and a leading authority on the European economy. Before founding her own consultancy, Maverick Intelligence, she was Senior Economist for Western Europe and the Eurozone and Director of European economic research at the widely respected Roubini Global Economics consultancy and think-tank.

Educated at Oxford and Princeton Megan went on to work as an investment banking analyst at JP Morgan Chase. She was then a political risk consultant at Oxford Analytica, and an advisor to the Liechtenstein royal family on eradicating money laundering from the principality’s financial services industry. She then went on to work for The Economist Intelligence Unit, first as an Economist/Analyst for Western Europe, then as Product Head for Country Forecasts.

Megan then joined the internationally renowned Roubini Global Economics (RGE), the independent global economic and market strategy company established by Nouriel Roubini to lead their European operation. At RGE she was responsible for the analysis of the eurozone and the company’s strategy towards it. In recent times she has become an acknowledged expert on the eurozone debt crisis, the ECB, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany. When offered the role, she says that she was the only one that thought Ireland, Portugal and Greece looked interesting.

As well as focusing on Europe, Megan also advises businesses on the broader global picture, particularly Russia, China and Asia, the US, the Middle East and Africa. Analysing all aspects of the political, social and economic situation, Megan delivers insights into the likely impact of market shifts, resource ownership, currency movements and political unrest, the effect on national governments and how the rest of the world will respond.

A regular on the BBC (radio and television) and Sky offering her insight into the fast-moving developments of the eurozone economies and politics, Megan also writes for The Economist, the Financial Times and The Guardian. Megan also speaks German, French and Italian.

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