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Global Chief Economist, John Hancock/Manulife

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As Global Chief Economist at John Hancock/Manulife Asset Management, Megan analyses economic data with policy-makers around the world, gauging the health of the global economy and identifying potential inflection points in the markets and the macro environment. Having cut her teeth as an economist successfully forecasting the crises in Greece and Ireland and their potential to fuel a wider eurozone debt crisis, Megan now divides her time between London and the US covering developed and emerging markets alike.


Megan Greene is a managing director and Global Chief Economist at John Hancock/Manulife Asset Management and a leading authority on the global economy. She is responsible for identifying and forecasting global macroeconomic and financial trends in order to guide investment. Based in both London and the US, Megan is in regular contact with, and advisor to central banks, economists and business leaders around the world.

Prior to joining John Hancock/Manulife Megan headed her own economic consultancy, and before that was director of European Economics at the internationally renowned Roubini Global Economics, an independent global economic and market strategy consultancy. She was also formerly the euro crisis expert at the Economist Intelligence Unit, conducting economic analysis on Greece, Ireland, Italy and Germany in the depths of the euro crisis.

As well as working with the Federal Reserve and ECB, Megan has also provided expert advice and testimony to the US Treasury department, the US State Department and the House of Lords. She serves on the advisory board of the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard’s Kennedy School, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She is also on the board of the National Association for Business Economists, Econofact (a website that compiles economics articles in an easily digestible format to combat ‘fake news’) and Rethinking Macro (a UK research initiative aiming to make economics policy-relevant).

Megan is a regular studio guest on TV and radio including CNBC, Bloomberg and the BBC offering analysis on developments in global, US and European economies, policies and politics. She also writes a monthly column in the Financial Times on global trends in economics and the markets.

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