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Political Cartoonist

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The celebrated Sunday Times cartoonist makes fun of political ambition, cock-ups and disaster in all its forms. Complete with film clips and cartoon images that recall each excruciating episode, Gerald admits the odd awkward moment: just how do you address someone you’ve depicted as a warthog?


Gerald Scarfe is the Sunday Times’s famously acerbic political cartoonist. His funny, shocking and disturbing portraits have made being ‘savaged by Scarfe’ a rite of passage for the big beasts of Westminster.

After a brief spell at the Royal College of Art, Gerald established himself as a satirical cartoonist on Punch and Private Eye during the early sixties. He developed his distinctive reportage style travelling to Vietnam, the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

Off the printed page, Gerald has designed sets and costumes for plays, operas and musicals. His film work includes designing and directing the animation for Pink Floyd's The Wall and Walt Disney’s Hercules. He has also exhibited in New York, Osaka, Montreal, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago and London.

Gerald illustrates his enthralling after dinner speech with film clips and artwork from his career. Along the way he poses some tricky questions, such as ‘What is the correct form of address to a member of the Royal Family - whom you’ve just depicted as a warthog?’

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