Tenors / Divas Incognito

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Opera Revealed

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Three trained singers masquerade as guests, waiters or security staff. As the dinner progresses they drop the disguise, revealing their true operatic talents to an unsuspecting audience – complete with popular arias and a rousing finale.


Covering opera and classical to songs from the shows and soul anthems, the Incognito performers start the evening by blending in as guests, catering staff or security and eventually reveal themselves as talented, classically-trained singers culminating in a spectacular stage performance.

Trios can be male (Tenors Incognito), female (Divas Incognito) or mixed with one female and two male singers. There’s also Swing Incognito - classics from the Rat Pack era are performed by a sultry female singer on stage who suddenly acquires ‘impromptu’ accompaniment from males masquerading as staff.

A uniquely entertaining and surprising take on musical entertainment which will impress any audience.

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