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Jazz, Soul, R&B

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Juliana is one of the brightest voices in Nu-Jazz / blues, with appearances at The Royal Albert Hall and Jazz Café already under her belt. Her solo set comprises past and present classics, and she also performs with Nu-Blues trio 2 Dreads + An Afro.


Juliana Lisk is one of the brightest young voices of the Nu-Jazz/Blues music genre, currently not only working as a solo artist but also as part of Nu-Blues trio 2 Dreads + An Afro.

Being a multi-faceted performer the live stage is where Juliana truly thrives with her undeniable ability to completely captivate her audience. Whether on stage at The Royal Albert Hall, backing for Josh Groban or busking down at Waterloo Station, her incomparable charisma in her style and character shines through every performance.

Juliana traces the roots of her desire to be a singer back to the age of 10 when she was blown away hearing the enchanting voice of Eva Cassidy singing her rendition of Wade in the Water. Her new love became beautiful tones and women with sass. As such, great artists like Ella Fitzgerald became paramount influences, as did versatile show-women such as Bette Midler and Whoopi Goldberg. Both the voice and performance were of equal value.

This in mind she went on to complete a performing arts diploma and since that time has been involved with projects covering the whole spectrum of the arts, hoping with each performance to make her individual mark as an artist, actress and writer.

She has performed as a part of one of the UK’s leading Gospel acts, CK Gospel Choir around Europe and has appeared at London’s prestigious Jazz Cafe on numerous occasions.

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